Fixing friends list system in regards to raids - a desperate moderator's cry for help lol

I know I have posted on this before, but after wasting so much time trying to get the system to work, we really need a solution.

I moderate discord raid servers, and the process of using the friends list is grueling, full of bugs, and utterly time-consuming. New people come and old ones stay, and when you are a moderator, 100 friends is not acceptable. Even when you are a regular player who doesn’t moderate, 100 friends is still too few.

Not only that, the list won’t load half the time, and being told to keep the list under 50 is not an option for most people, especially people like me. Adding friends is bugged, and often takes upwards of a half-hour for things to work properly. What should take 5 minutes ends up taking hours.

The passing of lobbies multiple times over just to get everyone in a lobby is also extremely time-consuming and bugged. Juggling people around isn’t fun, either, and it detracts from what would be an easy, fun raid otherwise.

I am not angry, just desperate. It is my job as a moderator to make sure things get done, but the game makes it impossible, and I feel the burden of this when things go south with the game as they often do in raids simply due to the bugs, the vast majority surrounding the friends list.

I know that the developers would like to give us new content, which is totally understandable, but what we need the most is a fix to the raid and friends list system more than anything else. This is where we have the most issues.

What I and many other moderators would like to see is this:

  1. The friends list work without loading or invite errors as originally intended
  2. An increase in the number of friends (absolute minimum 200 if no.3 is not an option for Ludia to add)
  3. An alternative way to invite people to raids with a search bar where you can enter their IGN, and, like most search engines, have a memory so that after you have typed that name in the past, an autofill can help out should you enter the name in the future

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Again, I am not angry, I’m just a desperate moderator who has spent countless hours trying to sort through these issues, and it’s getting to the point where it’s almost impossible to handle as our servers grow :sob::heart: