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Fixing Item Descriptions for "Working as Intended" bugs


When users report “bugs” and developers come back with “this is working as intended” why are the item descriptions not updated?

I’ve reported many bugs and get this response, but the item or enemy continues to display incorrect information. Cases in point:

Halbenet’s Common Ring. Description says "When hit. 75%: Effect: Heal self 75% of the attack damage. This does not happen - it heals 75% of this unit’s damage.

Raika’s Epic Spear. Description says "… 75% Effect: Inflict 200% damage. Gain health equal to 100% of attack damage. This does not happen - it does 200% damage, and also heals 200% of the attack damage (400% of Raika’s listed damage)

Fallen Bowmaster. Description for Flurry of Arrows says "Target: 1 enemy. Range: 3 zones. Effect: Inflict 75% damage. Attack an additional random enemy. Gain health equal to 100% of attack damage. This is not happening. The attack is actually targeting 2 random enemies, as evidenced by the fact that this attack ignores any taunted heroes.

In each of these cases I have reported bugs and been told they are “Working as Intended”. Why then, are the descriptions allowed to stay incorrect?

Do the developers understand that in these cases the descriptions themselves are the “bugs”?

Is this just the way it is? And we all need to keep our own notes of what actually happens with gear, enemies etc, or will these types of bugs ever get corrected?


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I do not have an immediate answer for you, I have sent it to the team and asked if in a future update we can do a localization update and tweak some of the wording.

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Thanks Keith - I appreciate that!

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Halbenet’s ring doesn’t actually say what you think it does. It heals 75% of the attack damage *, not 75% of the damage dealt. That is 75% of the base damage for the attacking character. For an attack that is doing 250% of * it’s a pretty inconsequential heal, but for something like Naomleh’s legendary that only deals 50% of *, the heal will be bigger than the damage dealt.

I understand what you’re saying Chuck, but in 99% of all other healing items, this is not how it is worded.

If you look at all of Halbenet’s headgear, all of Calliope’s headgear, all of Pikel’s headgear, Pikel’s Leg Rings, etc, they all say “heals x% of this unit’s damage”

Now look at Nayeli’s Epic Ring of Vigor, Legendary Helmet, and Rare Pants, Raika’s Common Ring, and Epic Pants, they all say "Heal self x% of DMG.

Now look at Farideh’s Legendary Book of Shadows. It says it inflicts 150% and "Gain health equal to 100% of attack damage. In use, she takes health equal to the amount of damage she dealt to the enemy, not her damage amount. This is the one that 100% tells me his ring was intended to heal a percent of the damage he took.

Looking at this, would you agree?

Raika’s spear says the same - "Gain health equal to 100% of attack damage.

In each of the uses of the wording “of attack damage” it’s not referencing the characters base damage, but the damage dealt in the moment.

Nope, the ring says attack damage * (the other item with this wording is Caliope’s rare dice).
The lifetap examples you gave don’t say that, they all say attack damage.

Ahhhh - gotcha; the * was throwing me off … I get what you’re saying now.

I still think consistency would prevent this kind of misunderstanding. Why do some say “This unit’s *” and some say “of the attack damage *”

Thanks for pointing out the subtle difference though.

Ugh, nevermind … they use “of the attack damage” when it only applies to the hero themselves, and of this unit’s * when they are applying the healing to another hero.

Thanks Chuck