Fixing Magnus

A lot of people were unsatisfied by the apex nerf and that it was too much. I do think that the nerf for Magnus wasn’t appropriate since the problem wasn’t necessarily the damage (although with 20% crit it was doing a bit too much) but it’s kit, mostly the acceleration.
So this is my idea of what the changes to Magnus should have been


I totally agree. It’s quite underwhelming at,

This version of Magnus is perfect, except for one thing. It can still beat Mortem. Give a Delay to the rampage or turn it into an impact and it would be perfect. It would still be very good, but wouldn’t be overpowered and dominant anymore.


It’s useless at the moment. It’s a sitting duck after the swap in. At best it kills one creature. Woolly rhino is better than ceramagnus now.

It needs its armor back, its speed back and some damage. Critical chance at 5% is fine, a creature with a swap in move shouldn’t have ever had more than 5%. This should be the case for phorurex as well.


In fairness now Mortem has to be setup for Cera to off it, rather than just coming in and taking a full health Mortem down immediately between the Swap In and Group Accel.

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Personally I was ok with the magnus nerf. Apwed mortem to rinse cera as it should be. With this new version I think cera could still be mortem since mortems rampage would not be enough to kill it.

Give mortem an instant impact like Albert and it will beat ceramagnus instead of the cleansing impact that oppresses cunning creatures.

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An updated version and I thought about giving Magnus a group decelerating impact to give it a weak turn 3.

That would be reskinned Thor. I don’t like it.

It would be really close indeed. Not great but at least it would beat resilient creatures and lose to cunning creatures.

That looks absolutely good

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I mean, albert beats Mortem. And Mortem is an Apex. Albert is a Rare. Replacing Fierce Impact for Killer Instinct is actually a good move

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Not fierce impact. I said to replace cleansing impact by killer instinct.

Oh ok. My bad