Fixing maxima

So, why has maxima been nerfed SO heavily. At the beggining, u gave it decelrating strike, we didnt want that, we wanted defenite strike, u listened to us back then! why r u not listening to us now ludia? And not only that, u took its distraction resistence because we want t mae it more fierce, then why does gemeni have distraction res when dsa which is fierce res move!? Not only that, u took its bleed res which is ok to me but why distract res is stipid.

ok ok calm down. ways to fix maxima,

  1. give distract res back.
  2. if u want, put bleed res back on maxima.
  3. do distract res on 75-50% and change res stike to dfenite strike

If the towers can’t be bled, bleeders are completely obsolete in this meta.


for a start, 8k hp is nothing to joke with i know but it is so stupid they gave gemeni distract res

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I’d say just armor, and possibly 50% distraction , nothing more

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The only change Maxima needs is 10-15% armor. No bleed resist. No distraction resist. That’d make Maxima a bit too strong and people would complain for nerfs.


all max really needs is a tad bit of armor. no bleed resist and no distraction resist. an no we are not giving it definite strike.


Really…like really let’s go over this shall we

  1. give distraction resistance back

Yes but actually no see here is the thing Um it has 2 rampages and a 30% crit…that’s a lot of damage output now you could either give it an impact on either rampage or lower it’s attack to 1000 then do the distraction resistance but just slapping that on there is a good old nope and we already have one with this problem (cough cough Gemini cough cough) we don’t need another

  1. give bleed resistance

Hi balanced called it doesn’t like that idea, bleed and rend is one of the only ways to deal with 8,9, and 10k hp maximas. It’s basically the only type of fierce creatures that can beat it

  1. look at 1, even if you just gave it definite strike do you know how little damage mitigation that is it’s like this: 1,200 —> 900 sure it helps but like not really again it just has too high of damage output and that not just a problem with maxima, looking at you Gemini

Now maxima does deserve kinda of a buff or at least it should be better than Gemini but doing that does need sacrifices. But like others have suggested just 15% armor would be enough

Now I would love to make maxima the king of dealing with cunning’s and good against tanks but the problem is right now it also beta every fierce chomper you know the things that are kinda supposed to be countered by? The problem well there is two: 109 speed and double rampages. I would go more but this is long enough


no bleed resistance, but REND resistance. works better for the meta, and isnt a huge hit on thyla

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All I want is for maxima to not be a basically worse gem. Sure it has more crit and 300 hp, but that’s nothing. Same turn 1 rampage, worse turn 2 rampage, worse resistances, and slower. Max should get armor but it needs something else like more attack or the same with distraction resistance


giving maxima rend resistance isn’t a good idea


how so? seems fair, and no bleed resistance is fair

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It’s a tank, Rending and bleed are specifically designed to counter tanks


but it does need to be fixed. this is how

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No cause the just getting rid of it’s counter, maxima is pretty good and very powerful and boosts add to that.


there are more bleeders than renders

that doesn’t mean max needs rend resist.
rend is a fierce trait and a tank counter.
just because that resistance wouldn’t impact that many creatures doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.


Soo how about give trex definite moves there are more distraction than dodge creatures it will be fine


thats not what im saying…

  1. Bad idea.
  2. REALLY bad idea
  3. Bad idea

Maxima. Doesn’t. Need. Any. More. Changes.


oh mr, let maxima be the worst unique hardest unique to get ever.