Fixing maxima

Then why does gemini have the distrction res when it is also a freaking fierce. Ok ok, ik hats only 1 move, but then, why does one fierce move change maxima completely?

yea, exactly what i wanted

Maxima is incredebly strong especialy in the avairy, the only reason why ppl want a buff is cause it got hit way too bad in 2.1, a lil armour wouldn’t hurt but thats it

ur right i guess

but then why make gemini have distract res? it is also wayy too strong

also abotu skoona

it complete;ly breaks the cunning rule

75% speed decrese res

and look at deodicurus, it has50% distract res, when like 90% of it is like resilient strike and resilient rampa

I do agree that gem should be clasified as a fierce resilient not just resilient, and since theres not too many gems in aviary i’m not sure how strong it actualy is with that distraction resistance, but i don’t see too many ppl going on a rant that it’s op so it’s prob fine however, maxia has a 30% crit chance and can deal more dmg quite freqently

they just removed the armor as well which is soo dumb

Execuse me but i don’t think doedic has over 5.5k hp and shaters, and i also do not think it has 2 rampages

2 rampages,hen i mention that i said resilient STRIKE and resilient RAMPAGE

and it has distract res

Tho it kinda doesen’t matter since both it’s moves cleanse distraction and it has no other healing or damaging moves

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yea, thats the point

why give deo distract res

Idk maybe, idk they might give it a counter or something

Make it beat a gemeni and ill beileive u

Once again, so many dinos need to be fixed before Maxima… Yes, I understand that it was very easy to make before 2.0 and everybody has it by now, but c’mon, there’s about 15 unique dinos that deserve a buff before this one! Would be nice to see something else being used in pretty much every teams.