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Fixing maxima

Pin really isn’t one class, so it can have the immunity. Also makes up for the loss of immunity

Why is constrictor coming into this? its already the worst unique as it is

lets refrace this ok, thylocator can swap in and distarct maxima, seirously, thyla is overpowered and they BUFFED it like hell.

Atleast some form of defenite strike, seirously almost no creature has defenite now.

Yeah sure like it isn’t already counered by other swappers for exampl mrhino or rat’s not buffed it’s only decent.i forgot to mention Orion and magna and this um…monolo

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thyla isn’t overpowered, use a creature with rend resistance and it’s over.


(Ik I overuse this but I couldn’t help myself)

Spinconstrictor does fairly well as a starter, and functions well against fierce and can dish out a lot of damage to resilients (It beats Max with mind games) OEES is also an incredible move to have as it can close and be almost entirely rat proof. Besides, Poukan and Entelo exist, so…


At least they fixed the HP afterwards, but yeah, the first nerf was way too much

Daryx still waiting for a decent setup and has been in the game way more than Spin and Maxima.

You’re “rationalizing”.

Extremely bad idea. Thylo has already written up beforehand a list of “no’s” and now you want to try rend resist on a Dino that can be surpass 8k hp really? With 2 rampages on top of that? :joy:



How long have you been playing?

Thyla is either no match for or has a hard time with monos, Indoms, Tryo, magna (there is a theme here)…

It can be stunned, bled, rended, etc

Other than can’t be slowed, it has MULTIPLE ways to kill it, is my point.

(Adding to that point, have you noticed that Thyla isn’t even on half the teams of those on the leader boards? “I wonder why”)

The issue isn’t in the design, but on the player and the trend. Any Dino in the hands of a crafty player can be an issue.

My general question to some with this type of reasoning is this:

why does “TUNNEL VISION” kick in when it comes to the Dino in topic getting trounced by one particular specimen? Ahem… “this Dino is a mortal enemy, so let’s nerf it”.

Meanwhile somehow disregarding all other factors.

Isn’t that the object of playing smart? Building a team based off of likes and TRENDS to counter and dispose of the opponent?

If I’m looking at the meta and notice that 8 out of 10 players have Dino A, so chances are, that I’m likely going to run into it, then I’d be smart to plan to have a fix for it. That’s called strategy. Strategy isn’t calling for nerfs 24/7 because your investment just happened to get “rended” (pun intended) by a chance pull and a prepped player.


Maxima needs its armor back.


Just give 50% distract resist and 15% armor that’s it


Yes that’s what I want,
If it doesn’t get distraction resistance no matter, but why gemini and skoona has 50% distraction resistance

I can only answer for skoona, its a cunning-resilient since one of its components are cunning

Ok. Change it’s crit chance to 20% and take off 100 attack and you’ve got a deal.

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Why not switching its 1 rampage with impact, reducing its crit to 20 % then it can gain armor and distract resistance…

Something like this…

It can gain distract resistance because ardonto also has 50% of it.

That kinda ruins its raid purpose. That Taunt Shattering Rampage helps a lot.


I’m just gonna repost this. It’s honestly perfect


Maxima needs a slight boost to armor, ludia does these changes not for balance, just for people to have to buy more boosts to stay competitive. The patches aren’t for trying to make certain dinos more useful or less op. They are there for flip flopping the meta so more people have to buy more boosts for the new “best” dinos.

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