Fixing 🦏 Rhino: with knowledge from 1.12

Now that we have some time to process the new moves and abilities in 1.12 it once again to try and fix ludia’s second biggest embarrassment behind stygidaryx: Monolorhino!

Monolorhino: Unique Super-Hybrid

Health: 4,500
Attack: 1,170
Speed: 119
Armor: 20%
Crit: 5%
Passive: immunity


  • Definite strike : deal 1x damage(1,170), remove targets cloak/evasion. Destroy shields, by pass armor

  • Lethal Wound: deal 1x damage(1,170), apply DoT of .33 for three turns. cooldown 2

  • Distracting Impact: deal 1.5x damage(1,775), reduce opponents attack by 50% for two turns. Cooldown 2

  • Defense shattering Rampage: deal 2x damage(2,340), destroy shields, bypass armor delay 1, cool down 1

Nullifying Counter: after surviving a physical attack, remove positive effects.

What do you think of this concept

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Is it balanced for it’s ingredients, rarity, lineage and balancing purposes

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@J.C here another idea or more like considerations to pass on when you can; it’s quite balanced and makes it fit right where a belongs a good hybrid from good ingredients not great but also not awful

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Meh. It should keep definite.

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Especially if it’s a rampage we’ve seen that on indo, and maxima

Actually I changed it

Nah. DSR is already on too many Uniques.
That moveset would make it stand out less. Plus, we already have two Immune tanks with DS and DSR.
I don’t think the counter is appropriate.

Lol true but this game has never been about being unique all the time (well I mean it was was). also the counter does no damage and it does have nullification in it’s linage so make sense. Also what you put instead of DSR

Like nemys, rampage and run same as lot of other and shielded decelerating. Entelmoth dsr. Not everything can be unique

Instead of DSR maybe a Rending Take Down?

Monolorhino just need damage and health buff.
With 4500 health and 1400-1500 attack would be good. So high attack, cause of two impacts.

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Well monolorhino sure need a buff because this IS from far behind the worst unique hands down.
Now ,because he IS unique,i would like to see unique power on him and not another copy paste créature.

Actually,its just an immune bleeder which Can shoot throught cloak.
In your version he have +3speed/+510hp/+170dmg/+5armor
Distraction turned into difinite strike
Definite impact turn into defense shattering rampage.
And you add nullyfying counter.

First im ok for a SMALL buff not a huge like you did,but i would like a complet rework of her kit
I disagree to loose His define impact and the nullyfying counter have no use for him…
He already bypass shields and cloak with ease,so the only use if for those which have a damage buff.


HP: 4340


Protecting distraction: grant a 50% Shield and distract opponent 1 turn

Lethal wound

Distracting impact

Define Armor piercing rampage


And then i hesitate between 2 powers which could bring him an unique identity
1-mirror effect (when an opponent use an ability on wooly rhino (slow down/bleed/vulnerability/distraction/stun/replacement…) The wooly rhino copy the effect and apply it to opponent

2- Immunity counter (every immune creature deal 50% less dmg to monolorhino,monolorhino have a buff of 33% of his damage against them)
For those with 2 Immunitys (indo/smilonemys)
They deal 33% less damage to monolorhino,monolorhino have 25% buff of his damage against them
For those with only one immunity (erlikospyx/quetzorion)
They deal 25% less damage

If an opponent use a cleanse ability (regeneration/cleanse/superiority ability/dig in…)
Lock him 2 turns, make him loose His next turn (even if he IS stun immune)

I would either give It higher damage(1400-1500) and give back definite impact or keep low damage (no more than 1000) and give It definite rampage, both of those builds with 4500-4800 hp. The special thing about the rhino is the definite abilities, It should keep them as signature as a lot of hybrids already have DSR. Null counter seems out of nowhere but i think It fits the hybrid. As for the basic attack, i would be satisfied with either distraction, null strike or definite strike. Any of those are fine.


But then won’t It be a copy of Thyla?

I’m not going to bother speculating on this one, I’m curious to see what Ludia does with it.
They could always have some new moves or abilities for it.

Though the idea itself is brilliant, I’d like it to have decelerating strike and definite rampage instead, just so it can deal against those pesky Indoraptor Gen 2s. I don’t think it’d destroy your version’s balance, as it does kinda have low damage. The counter doesn’t deal any damage after all.

Yes, but Rampage-and-run is special to the Pachy line. That one makes sense.
In the same way, Entelodon has DSR already.
Those creatures deserve those moves, but don’t go giving it to creatures that don’t have any history of the move at all.

Based on Monolometrodon, Rhino is supposed to be more of a utility dino than a chomper, so it makes more sense for it to have different Impact moves to choose from than a Rampage.
It’s not supposed to be too powerful.