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Fixing Spinoconstrictors viability in the meta

Spinoconstrictor one of the hardest uniques to get its so hard to get because of Titanoboa being event exclusive and Titanoboa is better than all of it’s hybrid so IV decided to rework it to try and make it really good unique download (22)


Its pretty good I would say.

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It might be slightly broken but idk

No escape would be nice for its kit

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This would be good but idk

This rework would make Spinocon viable.

The on escape rampage might be too much but I agree with everything else! @Eirlikospyxfan


Since Spinoconstrictor is so hard to make because of Titanaboa, I decided make it worth the work.


Now this is more like it!



Thank you ned

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This still seems underpowered. It would need much more HP and on escape evasive impact at least given its low attack stat IMO.

I see you weren’t very familiar with old Spinoconstrictor, with its new immunities and EW+INH, it’ll bring down resilients and fierce alike, often by a decent margin

Why not add an exploit wounding counter? I also think no escape would fit the snake. A buff in base attack paired with this counter would make it a pretty good resilient counter. And I also like the idea of a definite rampage over a precise one. Sure it has a higher CD but rarely will you survive to get off another ramp. The issue would be in a revenge kill scenario.

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It depends if they have vulnerability and dot resistance. Many top fierce are dot resistant (and cleanse vul) and there are plenty of meta creatures with vulnerability resist. And resilients will shred this thing as well although they will take some damage. Back in the day it was good but given the new class system these changes won’t cut it atm unfortunately. Mine is lv 30 and I would love for it to be viable again.

And it should punish swappers with a better on- escape multiplier. A strike from spinocon isn’t going to scare anyone, especially with only 1000 base non armor piercing/ shield breaking damage.

i think this buff doesn’t make it overpowered and really makes it a cunning fierce that can actually beat resilients and a good SIA punisher

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This might be to strong

Yeah this looks much more viable. It would be strong but not OP. If anything I would raise it’s attack to 1200 at least. Especially given the exclusive boa component, which can really only be FIPed.

maybe only change sidestep with evasive stance, cause it still loses to cunnings which are the ones that are supposed to counter it