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Fixing Taunt Resistance

Taunt resistance needs to be either 100% or 0%. In a lot of ways, having partial resistance is worse, because you don’t know who you’re going to attack. At least with 0% resistance you know you’ll target the taunting creature, and with 100% resistance you know you’ll hit the moves usual target. But with anything in between, it’s up in the air. What if I choose to use Defense Shattering Rampage with Ardonto thinking I’ll hit a taunting shielded minion, but I hit the boss instead by chance? I would rather have 0% taunt resistance then the 75% chance that Ardonto currently has.

They already fixed this on Maxima for 2.1, so all that’s left are Ardontosaurus and Geminititan. Let’s get those brought up to 100% (or taken down to 0%) too! Given how quickly they fixed Geminis DSA yesterday, it should be an easy fix, right?


Honestly, we have fierce moves to remove the taunt, so having taunt resistance is already mostly useless. Changing it to either 100% or 0 would be beneficial to those 2 creatures