Fixing the creatures of JW:TG and have different animations

Since JW:D is coming in June 10, do you agree that we should tell the creators of JW:TG fix the creatures that first appeared in the game:
i) The Giganotosaurus being like this
to this (but to have 3 fingers, not 2 like Trex) (Be based on JW:D)

ii) The Argentinosaurus being like this
to this

and along with Supersaurus be larger than Diplodocus and Apatosaurus

iii) The Gastornis be an omnivore, Diprotodon eating plants (not fish and no tusks), Arctodus eating meat (not fish)

iv) And the other dinos need to change up:

  1. Acrocanthosaurus (plus Tyrannotitan but to have 3 fingers {not 2}) be as big as Trex but smaller than Spinosaurus.
  2. Allosaurus, Megalosaurus & Metriacanthosaurus must have 3 fingers and be a bit smaller than Trex.
  3. Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus, Lythronax, Yutyrannus (all smaller than Trex)
  4. Baryonyx, Suchomimus, Irritator (all smaller than Trex0
  5. Monolophosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Ceratosaurus (all smaller than Trex,Spino,Allosaurus)
  6. Utahraptor a bit larger than Velociraptor & Deinonychus
  7. Alanqa, Dsungaripterus, Zhejiangopterus, Aerotitan, Pterodaustro and the other pterosaurs be as large as Pteranodon but smaller than Quetzalcoatlus
  8. Every plesiosaur be smaller than Styxosaurus and Elasmosaurus
  9. Xiphactinus & Onchopristis (be smaller than Dunkleosteus), Bananogmius (much more smaller than Dunkleosteus), Leedsichthys (much larger than Dunkleosteus) , Hyneria (a bit smaller than Xiphactinus), Gillicus & Orthacanthus (much more smaller), Helicoprion & Edestus (similar in size but smaller than Dunkleosteus and Megalodon), Megalodon (as big as or larger than Dunkleosteus)
  10. Pachycephalosaurus be smaller than Parasaurolophus but larger Stygimoloch and Dracorex (but with a different animation)
  11. Amargasaurus & Bonitasaura be smaller than Apatosaurus
  12. Limnoscelis and the other species like Ichthyostega, Acanthostega, e.t.c. be much smaller than Sarcosuchus
  13. Urtinotherium be smaller than Indricotherium
  14. Synthetoceras smaller than Megaloceros
  15. The Mastodon a bit smaller than the Mammoth
  16. Gigantophis smaller than Titanoboa
  17. Doedicurus much larger than Glyptodon
  18. Megatherium much larger than Eremotherium
  19. The other mosasaur species like Platecarpus, Tylosaurus, e.t.c. be smaller than Mosasaurus
  20. Metriorhynchus needs to be put in the aquatic species and have the same animation as Plesiosuchus, Geosaurus, Dakosaurus
  21. The turtles and placodons (like Henodus) to be smaller than Archelon
  22. Baculites and Ammonite be smaller than Tusoteuthis & Cameroceras
  23. Zalmoxes, Eolambia have the same animation as Iguanodon, Edmontosaurus
  24. The horned dinos be smaller than Triceratops
  25. The stegosaurs like Kentrosaurus, e.t.c. be smaller than Stegosaurus & have their tails up above the ground
  26. The armoured dinos be smaller than Ankylosaurus
  27. Pterodactylus be as large as Dimorphodon, Rhamphorhynchus, e.t.c.
  28. Hadrosaurs like Parasaurolophus and Corythosaurus stand both on 2 and 4 legs like Iguanodon and Edmontosaurus.

So what do you thing?!


I don’t think we will get any animation changes. The most thing we’ve got were rarity changes and some remodels


I appreciate the effort, but I find it highly unlikely Ludia will change any of these dinos.

The simple excuse is “because JP/JW are not accurate to what existed in real life.” Allosaurus not having 3 fingers could be because some T-rex DNA was used, and so on.

Nothing in JP/JW is purebred and historically accurate. I think we might just need to accept that fact. These are all gene spliced and created with century old DNA that could be corrupted in some ways.