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Fixing the high tyrants and some other stuff

Seeing as how a lot of nerf threads target these creatures and that some creatures are over/underpowered I thought to myself, let’s fix them. Here we go.
He can go one of 2 ways
1: DSA changes to a basic strike and ATK becomes 1300
2: Loses full immunity but keep immune to Decel and Distraction and get the busted stats back

  • Do option 1
  • Do option 2
  • Something else
  • Don’t touch it

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Boy was this hard. I had to find a way to fix it without breaking it. This version could crack low tyrant, I think

HP 4200
ATK 1300
Speed 116
Armor 10%
Crit 5%
On Escape Rejuvenation
(When opponent leaves, heal 25%)

  • I agree
  • Something else
  • Don’t touch it

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Loses immune to distraction but gains immune to vulnerable

  • I agree
  • Something Else
  • Don’t touch it

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Loses full immunity, but attack becomes 1600

  • I agree
  • Something else
  • Don’t touch it

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And now some buffs

All creatures not intended to get hit by the DR nerf (I.e. Wooly Rhino, Nyx)
Definite Rampage becomes precise shattering rampage

HP becomes 4200
ATK becomes 1300
Sidestep become basic ability
Distracting impact becomes the last ability
(Loses pinning strike)

  • I agree
  • Something else
  • Don’t touch it

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HP becomes 4500
ATK becomes 1200
Speed becomes 120
Sidestep becomes basic ability
Last ability becomes Nullifying Rampage

HP becomes 3300
ATK becomes 1400
Speed becomes 130
Distracting Strike becomes distracting impact

DM me if you have a nerf/buff that you think should happen

For gemini: loses full immunity, retains immunity to stun and distract.
This way:
Bleeders can bleed it.
Trappers can trap it.
Tenontorex can retain his speed against it by slowing it down.


Forgot to add the minus and constrictor polls


  • I agree
  • Something else
  • Don’t touch it

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  • I agree
  • Something else
  • Dot touch it

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You do a nerf survey but you forget the biggest problem in the arena, Indo 2.

Regarding Yoshi, the second biggest problem in the arena (and the biggest problem in tournaments) you talk about removing full immunity but you don’t comment that immunity would or would not remain. If what you propose is to remove all immunity, yes, with that I would be happy :slight_smile:

IMO indo 2 isn’t broken so much as it’s counters do t fit this meta, like spyx and constrictor

Sorry this answer took so long, stupid new forum goer limit


Means ProceRat has no immunity. Which makes no sense from a heritage point of view.

ProceRat needs to have a 10% nerf on health and damage. Will it? No.

IndoR G2 is hard to balance without making it high Apex or worse. CS is why it causes rage. Removing 1 part of it makes IndoR G2 a lot weaker for its purpose. Nerfing it bites those who MVPed it.

For Procerat, I think a decrease in speed to 126 and a decrease in attack to 1400 will be good.

Gemini shouldn’t have immunity at all.


Neither the Proce-rat nor the Indo2 need rebalancing, they need Nerf.
Yoshi needs a nerf to take him from High Apex to Mid Apex / Low Apex (the place of an epic not superhybrid)

Indo2 needs a nerf that will take him from being Low Tyrant to High Apex / mid Apex / Low Apex (the place of a legendary Super Hybrid)

In the same way, other creatures that are not in the place also they should be nerf (Indominus Rex, MAmotherium, Phurusaura, etc.)

Of course, another solution is to not touch these creatures and buff all the uniques that are currently High Apex, Mid Apex, and Low Apex.


Gemini could just decel rampage and then DSA because it is naturally faster that tenontorex

I am sick of these nerf threads. Especially for Gemini. Yes she is one of the most powerful dinos in the game. Guess why? Because it is the hardest one to create! You just want her to be equal as easy uniques that everyone has at level 30( Thor, Indo ). No thanks. It is a real pain to create and level up.


In boosted arena, there are faster Tenontorexes though, so most geminis will be slow as rocks.

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There are also plenty of speedy geminis

I have yet to see a 129+ one, and I don’t really see the point of doing that.

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Cleansing was removed from CS. There is your one ability removed. Now it has more counters and is somewhat balanced. Leave Indo Gen 2 alone. It does not need to be monomimused. Procerat is the bigger and more prevalent problem.

Can’t say I agree there. With very few bleeders at my arena (5200), the only thing cautious strike doesn’t cleanse is slowing…which isn’t a big deal because in 95% of cases you use mutual fury to cleanse slowing and then bag the kill. If Indo gen 2 wasn’t immune to distraction? HUGE. Then Gemini might be able to get a nerf such that it had to rely on instant distraction to play around indo gen 2’s rampage. But until indo gen 2 stops steamrolling most of the meta in almost every tier of play, there needs to be a hard counter like Gemini. It’s too strong for how easy it is to get, and too easy to rely upon because it consistently beats most speed dinos, most chompers, most tanks, and most nullifiers. It is impossible to revenge kill at similar boost and level thanks to the speed boosts, it’s nearly impossible to slow with things like sup strike unless it’s either 1.) unlucky with an ES or 2.) too low damage or hp to win with a mutual fury rampage…neither of which are as common as they perhaps could be. Tbh if it lost immunity to distraction, it would be more fun to use and more fun to play against. That’s my 2 cents.

the bleeders are cause the meta

If the immunes didn’t benefit from the boosts so much, constrictor, spyx, and so much more could be viable

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I think that all the moves and passive abilities on procera are fine. The abilities are all the same from its parents. The only problem is that it has a little too attack and speed. I mean it is basically a velociraptor with evasive and distracting.

Indo g2 already got a small nerf that made it a lot more balanced. Its main counter, the bleeders now have a huge advantage over it. Indo g2 now needs to use mutual fury to cleans the bleed.

I can agree that Indo2 needs a little nerf and not a big nerf, although conisdero should be medium.

I don’t agree with Yoshi. It is a disproportionate beast and with a little less attack and speed it would remain so. The speed it has does not seem bad to me and, in addition, in the world of boosts one or two points up or down lose importance. In the case of the attack, if only that were touched, the drop should be a minimum of 30%, perhaps more so that its set was correct.

The theme with Indo2 and Yoshi is not so much the power they have, but the fact that they are valid in the global arena and, therefore, they can be boost while the rest of epics and legendary are not. They should be nerf to the point that they weren’t among the top 15 (in the case of Indo2) and the top 40 (in the case of YOshi) creatures in the game, the place deserving of a legendary super-hybrid and a non-super-hybrid epic respectively.

That’s not entirely true, Yoshi can be a pain to level and same with indo2. While the busted-ness was messing up the arena, I like having epics and legendaries up with uniques. It gives the meta diversity. What I don’t like is when they beat most of those uniques, hence this thread.

If Yoshi were rebalanced and the meta changes so the bleeders are somewhat viable, killing indo2, the only creatures that could possibly ruin the game like Yoshi has is moth, Gemini, and lania. The high tyrants.

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