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Flagging pointless supply drops


How many times do I have to flag a supply drop before its looked into?

Not only are those drops behind someone elses house they are in a field inbetween a river. I have flagged them repeatedly for months and nothing has changed. To make it worse it seems to be a sino/kentro spawn…


Yeah ive heard the flagging feature is a waste if time. Ludia is content to let everything regarding maps be random generated.


So your suggestion is to walk on private property? Or did you not bother to read the whole post?


I read the whole post.

But I also see a road right behind it.

He has a profile pic that makes him look like a hunter so a fail to se why showing up with some cookies and knocking on the door is a problem to ask for permission… You kinda. Gotta do that to hunt.

And the total space from the road behind isn’t to far… For epics and such.


Thats a river… its also midnight where I am. Sure that would go down well.


Hence why I said its inbetween a river.


Cross the street get VIP it’s in range… Just saying.

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If you can’t be bothered to make an effort why should we feel bad?

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Your just sputtering nonsense at this point anyone can clearly see he has vip.


Really? I think your missing the point…

Just for you… heres a map and even if I stand on someones drive it barley reaches it.

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Yeah that’s the jwa map for sure. Look at the distance. Just saying


Are you okay?


Look the distance scales I’m sorry it’s not where you want it to be to get prime DNA from it but that’s the game


No its not the game… there is a system in place where you flag stops that are out of pedestrian access. Stop being deliberitly difficult and stop commenting if your not going to contribute anything meaningful.


Ok I’m sorry.


Please read the post above. Ive flagged it for the last 5 months with no answer/response.


I would reckon that means that it doesn’t meet LUDIA criteria for inaccessible.


If thats the case id love to know what does. In my mind its because they dont care/ havent got anyone looking into these requests.

Id rather they removed them all together. Most people in my village have shotguns/Air rifles… not the place to be sneaking about looking for dinosaurs.

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Well being truly out of range would most likely qualify.

Being locked in military land or other government land. Being in the middle of a body of water. On the other side of a ravine etc.


It is truley out of range unless I go onto private property.

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