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If there are going to be flames, to “speed up” pvp, I think they should be turn based and not time based. I had an enemy I should have beaten use a strategy I have never seen before. Once he gained the middle ground, which I let happen so he was coming towards me, he literally waited until the last second to make every attack. It doesn’t take long doing that reach the 3 minute start time for the flames which consumes my team.

Very smart strategy on his part especially now that they have nerfed the flames.

Yeah it’s the first time I saw someone who seemed to use that deliberately. I already hated flames because if your team is immobile and can’t attack that takes up 40 seconds of that 3 minute time all by itself. I still don’t understand why they care if pvp battles are fast or slow unless it is some kind of server issue

Especially when they took away the bloody skip turn option :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think with the right character combinations you could end up where both teams can regenerate indefinitely. The flames prevent that since eventually only one team will have the ability to be safe from damage each round.

I have used them for a while. Great against folks who want to regen or taunt forever. They used to attack remaining health directly. At the update they got nerfed so they now attack the entire health bar instead of remaining health.

Hmmm before the update it always took from max hit points to me… not what I had left… however sometimes that amount from the max did take me below what I had left

Also I can see where the indefinite battle could happen in the right situation. I would however like a longer time. 3 minutes is really not that long. When your whole team gets knocked back on the first turn and then fighter is able to move two steps forward because of second action. In can be near impossible to get your whole team back into safe zone In less than 3 minutes even in best of circumstances.

I did a post about it before and I also used that strategy before

It’s a smart strategy… not saying I’ll use it but not saying I won’t either lol