Flashing Dino’s and coins to spend

At least Stegodeus isn’t flashing at me.
Where would you spend your coins?

Indoraptor no question asked from your team. The level up greatly increase his power and having an higher level one is what you want (and it’s the lower risk with monomimus and dimo).
Plus your team is already balanced level wise except for the dimorphodactylus but I have nothing to say about it

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Tryos the Immune. No doubt.

As in Tryostronix? My level 16 (possibly up to 19 max though)

If it were me - Suchotator & Indoraptor

Indo, first as has been stated… where the coins go next is debatable is another good candidate is suchotator for immediate impact. But in the long term tryo is really a dino your gonna want on your team. So your gonna wanna level him sooner or later.

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