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Flashing dragon but no special


I notice this in autoplay. The dragon is flashing as if there is a special but the spirit is not full. I suspect the spirit was full and later reduced but have not confirmed this. If the spirit gets reduced the flashing should cease.

And no, the dragon was not prevented from firing his special by an ability, the spirit was under 100%


same here. Auto play has alot of display issues
Another bug : Stocky Snafflefang and Brute-Wurst activate skill at the same time in auto play has 2 symbol of healing skill but the other one will stay remain forever. I discover it before update not sure if it was fixed


Hey @Talisax and @powerso1, thanks for reporting this to us! Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key along with any other information you might have so our team can investigate this further?


I had sent the issue to the support team. And this is the result of a litlle experiment. Fun

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