Flat reset to 6k every season

No more staggered resets, no more resets at 5.5k. Come on ludia, stop the bloodbath for those of us not in top 2k.


The resets are needed, and I quite like the amount they have chosen right now…
The problem is that there isn’t any matchmaking in place, meaning it’s a nightmare for too many people.
Fix that.

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I’ll try to say this nicely - I never said they weren’t needed.

Care to elaborate what you mean by no match making is in place- as that’s a blatantly wrong statement?

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How is that wrong?
The last three arenas (Beach, Gyro, Library) lack any kind of matchmaking.
You are not getting matches against almost equal opponents, just the closer one based on trophies only.
This is a big problem when players from the three arenas suddenly are battling each other after the reset.
It means bullying is suddenly allowed.

I’m one of those top 500 people, and I don’t enjoy at all this week, where I can suddenly go against a guy with 8 max build dinos to a poor guy with barely any.
So… the reset is needed, seasons are cool, but the current way of doing it, while right, needs a system behind it, making sure this abuses don’t happen.


I’ve been top 100, and spent most of the first year top 500. Once I stopped spending about 15 months ago, I fell out.

I’m good with resetting and with it being trophy based only after a point, otherwise you end up with a clash of clans situation with multiple virtual arenas. If you want to know more, you can read one of my 2 or 3 dissertations on the subject I’ve written over the last 2 years. I dont have the energy to write it up again.

Resetting to 6k would solve a lot of issues - including but not limited to that stagnant feeling the rest of us have.


I literally just wrote an article about that haha.


Reading now :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes!!! Yes yes yes.


Let’s get crazy. Everyone gets a random reset anywhere from 6000 to 5000. You log in that day and boom. See where you’re at.

Matchmaking? Yes.

Emotes? Yes.

Amount of trophies you win? Random!

good read. I haven’t battled this season save for one to get my starting score. It’s not just the reset that’s keeping me from playing a lot. It’s bad matchmaking all around, even during the better half of the season.
I’ll get owned by someone and loose 0-3 and the next match i’ll dominate 3-0. I’d like a challenging match that could go either way, not who’s going to 3-0 the other.

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Yeah, I can see how that would be frustrating. I do wonder if a lot of it stems from the reset though and things don’t 100% settle down. I think it’s several factors that play into the bad arena experience but the reset definitely doesn’t help with it.


so many factors. People dropping to avoid other high level players/ long wait times, unbalanced boost allocations, season resets, etc.

if they ever find a way to make the experience overall more fun, we could see a lot of players come back.


If you made 6K before, you’re going to do it again and make other people miserable in the process. I have no problem with 6000+ reset to 6000.
It just seems like common sense.


I get barely into Library before being knocked down to almost out of aviary every reset. :sweat_smile:
I’m good as long as i can make it to library at least once a season.

Very nice article that truly explained everything very well! Just so you know, I do still surf that “wave” as if nothing happened myself, and gather my incubators as “usual”. How? Yes, I get blasted into oblivion in most games (though sometime you win a long shot, and it’s worth it all), but the thing is, during those few days, often, the matchmaking will “wake up” and get you to fight the AI (way more often than during the season when you basically very rarely fight AI). So for me, during those days, it’s more like “Practice against much better than you and loose a few games in a row” and every now and then, matchmaking will give you a free incubator (AI) for your trouble. So, overall, yes, you have to do more (harder) fights to get your incubators, but hey, who doesn’t like a good challenge. Every now and then, you often even get to fight the AI twice in a row. Talk about getting free incubators quick! And knowing that it’s only for a few days (as you explained so well), no way I’m waiting on the sideline. Challenge accepted! :slight_smile:


Great explanation. I’ve tried to explain how it affects the entire arena, and some just don’t get it. Thank you for this.

The arena reset has caused some players to entirely avoid the arena, to the point the still do not battle (along with other reasons, I’m sure)

Ugh, season reset is one of the worst aspects of this game for me. Lower/mid Library going to Aviary to push those poor souls further down.