Flawed trophy system

The trophy system in the arena is extremely flawed. Firstly, people are constantly misrepresented in the arena and elsewhere showing they have no trophies yet they wouldn’t be in that arena if so. Secondly, the weight of trophy gain/loss makes no sense. It seems to favor spenders easily, just like everything else (spenders getting much more dna from raids being one example), and hurts those who either don’t spend or have stopped spending. Anyway, my main reason in saying this system is flawed is the fact that I lost 40 trophies to someone with a max trophy count a good bit higher than my own (over 200 higher). How does that make any sense?


Spenders getting more dna from raids?
I have never witnessed this and I’ve been playing and raiding every raid since they started.
I can categorically assure you this is not true as I play with 3 accounts and my main which I have spent a bit on, has the same dna return as the other 2 which I haven’t spent any money on.

On the trophies and matchmaking - it depends on your arena. If you are over 6000 you’ll be matched with every player who has over 6000 so you may face a player with 17,000 trophies when you have 6,100 so that’s the way it is. Otherwise you would have no one to play against when you reach the top arena. And let’s face it, once you’re there everyone has pretty much the same team and strength anyway.