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Flaws and Suggestions for Dragons Titan Uprising

This is many flaws and Suggestions for Dragons Titan Uprising that I just have to get off my chest. It includes over-powered dragons, arena and alpha bugs, breeding issues, and draft suggestions.

First, let’s start off with the over-powered dragons. This isn’t really in any particular order, so just keep that in mind.

  1. Dragons that give Bonus Health: This includes Tricky Two-Heads, Beachcomber, Son of Skullcrusher, Blister (Blistering Belcher), etc. These dragons can make quests and arena especially a literal nightmare. The amount of bonus health some dragons get is ridiculous, and it’s a lot harder to get rid of that health compared to normal health. To improve, either make it so that there’s not as much Bonus Health, or make it easier to deal damage to it.
  2. Dragons that affect accuracy: This includes Tricky Two-Heads, Pufferfinch, Anveil, Muck and Tumble, etc. These dragons also make the arena really difficult. The amount of accuracy affected is insane, and whenever you go against these dragons, the accuracy can just destroy your victory. However, when these dragons are on your team, the accuracy effect hardly does anything. Tone down the accuracy affected, please.
  3. Healers: The dragons that heal over time aren’t that bad, but dragons that heal practically 50% of health are pretty annoying to deal with. These dragons are Scar (Valiant Scarbearer), Skullcrusher, Skullcrown, Nidhogg (Nefarious Nidhogg), etc. All I can say is, maybe tone down the health a little bit, but there should still be enough for it to be affective.
  4. Dragons that affect Spirit: These are dragons like Toothless, Warcry, Tuaterror, etc. They tend to use there special at the worst possible time, so maybe a little less spirit lost would be better.
  5. Ability Lock: Gloomleer and Shifty (Shifty Murklurker) are the most obvious ones here. If it lasted for a couple turns rather than four, it would help me best them a little quicker.
  6. Buffs and Debuffs: This isn’t really on the dragons, but I found out these Buffs, such as allies taking less damage, affected not only basic attacks, but special abilities as well. Please make it only basic attacks.
    For many of these dragons here, I would rather go against their five star counterparts as opposed to the four stars, and thinking logically, that’s a problem.

Now let’s move onto dragons that need some work:
The Singetails are one thing. Why do they deal damage to themselves? Say you have Flamelout (Infamous Flamelout) on your team as the last dragon alive, he was really close to dying, and there’s one more dragon to kill and they’re also close to death. You use Flamelout’s special, and the opponent somehow survives the attack, but Flamelout does and you lose anyway. That’s an issue. Either nerf the damage given and taken, or just nerf the damage given and replace the damage taken with something else.
The Windgnashers are also really weak. Why do they blast fire if it doesn’t give any damage? And the accuracy and invisibility combined only last for 1-2 turns. Buff them up a little bit! They’re cool dragons!

Ok, now let’s talk about arena.
Rerolls: They’re rigged. They should go to defense teams that can match my team’s strength. Instead it goes for something 1,000 points above it!
Earn more, lose less: This has kind of already been established, but you should gain 60 trophies from a victory and lose 20-30 from a loss.
Revenge: Please make it so that I can revenge against everybody. The only exception would be those who bought protection.
Middle dragons: Only one column can hit them! Please make it so that two can hit them.
Question: How many runes do you get from the tune chest in Thawfest Emporium? Just curious.

Alright! Moving onto clans!
Shellfire: The bomb sometimes glitches and won’t blow up even if you match next to it.
Foreverwing: So many vines spawn at once! Also could you switch tiles that are in the vines but you can’t switch a tile that’s in the vines with one that’s free?
Screaming Death: A little too RNG based with the bombs.
Promotions: There should be Clan Leader, Officer, Elder, etc.

Let’s quickly talk about the energy respawn times. They’re WAY TOO LONG. It should be a minute for normal energy, and hour and a half for clans, and fifteen minutes for arena. Only the free arena rerolls are reasonable! Also you shouldn’t need to spend that many runes for max energy.

Glitches: The gameboard freezes more often than people would like and multiple players of different devices have been complaining about it.

Breeding: This issue is more personal, but I’ve been breeding two Copsekeeps for two months and all I keep getting is three star Fog-Stalkers! Rarely does another Cospekeep show up.

Drafts: Could you guys maybe make it so that every 22-24 hours or even 12 hours we get a free Premium draft, just like with the basic drafts?

Scales and Runes: Please make there more ways to get these than with long term grinding or by paying money. That would be nice.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. My YouTube channel, called LPSKirbyButton, also explains a lot of these things and my comment on that particular video discussing these topics also has some nicknames for the five stars. :slight_smile:

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Most of these aren’t flaws, just your personal opinion on things.

  1. Bonus health: With tricky and belcher its mostly the other effects that are annoying, but if you can get rid of those with the help of purge (remove beneficial effects) or the counter-effect then they really aren’t a problem at all to deal with.
  2. Accuracy down: Bring a dragon with cleanse, or try to delay the activation of enemy abilities with the help of toothless / try not to hit them with too many tiles.
  3. Healers: there are way too many counters against healing, a notable one is murmur, which is a dragon almost everyone aims to get. Just take 1 dragon with you that has a heal-block and you won’t have to worry about them healing themselves or their allies.
  4. Spirit Down: sure they can be annoying, but just avoid hitting them with tiles and they won’t charge up that quickly (and once you charge up your own toothless you can delay them from using their ability with the help of your won spirit down)
  5. Neither Shifty nor gloomleer is too strong. In fact shifty is incredibly weak. It’ll most of the time be taken out before it can even use its ability cuz its soo slow in charging it up.
  6. Most Buffs and debuffs apply to both abilities and tiles and you can always counter them in 2 ways: using purge or cleanse or the counter-effect (example: Defense Down VS Defense Up, Attack Down VS Attack Up)

Flamelout kinda needs to have the self-dmg (and it needs to be that high) else it’d be incredibly strong. Healing allies for 33% at a very fast rate.
Windgnasher and the other singetails i can agree on. They are quite weak and desperatly need a buff, but they aren’t the only ones. The molten magmannette, Mother’s Day Cloudjumper, Father’s day Skullcrusher are also really bad.

Rerolls aren’t rigged. Matchmaking matches you with players around your own trophy lvl it doesn’t look (and shouldn’t look) at the Bp of the teams. (Matchmaking based on Bp would prolly be easily abused).
The win streak kinda ensures you usually win more than you’d lose.
Revenge: you can already revenge everyone that didn’t buy protection. The only exception is that you can’t revenge someone that revenged you and you can’t revenge the same person more than once within a 24 hour time span.
Middle dragon: Yeah they prolly should’ve positioned them differently (like having the middle dragon at the bottom or something)
Rune Chest: as far as i know it gives you between 500 and 1000 runes

Alphas and Clans:
Shellfire and Foreverwing have been glitched since the last patch its been really annoying to deal with their bugs :(.
Foreverwing: switching tiles that aren’t covered in vines makes sense though. (even if the vines surround the group of tiles)
Screaming Death: I really don’t like this alpha, Its ability really depends more on RNG then it does on skill (how you manipulate the board, …)
Promotions: we asked for this many times.

Energy respawn time is fine though (you’re not really supposed to constantly be playing the game all day long) And you can earn more energy by completing the duties.

Freezing: Haven’t heard many players complain about it and neither have i had my game freeze for a long time. (i think its more an issue of people trying to play too quickly, they don’t let the animations play out and as a result the game gets stuck.)

Breeding: Seems like you just had some bad luck. It normally only takes 29 tries on average (so about 2 weeks). Breeding 2 monts without getting the 5* is really unlikely (kinda impossoble the chance would 1/10^50 or something)

Scales: you can get a ton of scales each day and the amount we can get is fine. (it used to be a lot more difficult before the alst patch). Its supposed to take a long time to lvl up/ train dragons.


One thing I think is dumb is that they match you up with someone who has the same amount of trophies and not buy your team power in arena & also I keep fighting people that have same or close to my team power at least that’s what it says but then I get slaughtered in 2 to 3 turns and don’t no way till I actually add up the team power myself and the team is 4000 more power than what it is showing. I even took a screen shot of it just makes me so frustrated when I think the match is going to be a even fight

With breeding I have on occasion had a 5* take 65 tries, if you could only do one a day that would be a couple of months. Other times I have had it happen within a couple of tries. That’s probability for you!

Actually there’s something else that prevent players from revenging others. It would work if I revenge too many players in relatively short time, or maybe revenge too much without attacking. I didn’t bother to test to find out how exactly this works. I believe those with normal defense team don’t actually get attacked often enough to experience this.

I don’t think bonus health dragons are quite effective arena defense dragons, with the bug of Snoggletog Toothless now. Those with Snoggletog Toothless would gladly use the bonus health to easily wipe out all dragons present.

Agreed, at this point I no longer use dragons that give me bonus health, just because of him.

Well if he’s not on your offense team tricky x Sawmaw combo will eat you, which is extremely hard to get out of, alive that is. For some reason bonus health is much harder to remove with tiles than regular health.

Defense dragon with counterattack and bonus health is extremely more advantageous than the same dragon on the offense team. Reasons are that the defense dragon receive energy when hit upon while the offense dragon doesn’t. Also, when hit upon, the counterattack of the defense hurts much more than the offense dragon, and sometimes counter attack will be initiated by dragons not hit due to some unknown reasons.

So I can totally see the frustration of the original poster. The Arena for now is not even close to what the name sounds — it’s not fair by design, rules not clear, prone to cheaters and pay to win. Skill-bases rewards largely comes in alpha battles while at the cost of the rewards of your clan mates.

Plus, reroll in Arena is definitely rigged. There is no doubt. The only argument might be at what rigged means. However, apparently @Zhyan, as generous and knowledgable as he is in this community, has a higher than usual tolerance for this game compared to others.

The bonus health from tricky being harder to remove is because of the accuracy down. Luckily tricky is only a 4* dragon, it’s not as hard to defeat as those 5* dragons. I hardly bother to have my snoggletog toothless deal with it because it hardly survive long enough to activate its ability when against my team of 5*s.

Maybe if you can get opponents from a wider range like several hundred trophies around yours, it would feel better? And then those that can easily and legitimately defeat defense team with 2000 more bp (I used to defeat some defense teams like that.) like me would also be more pleased. I actually don’t care so much now because now I have a team of 5* so there’s no longer defense team with much higher bp than mine.

Tricky’s not the hugest problem I’d I can get my Scarbarer off
I currently use Toothless/Scar/Valfury/Turkeyleg/EBB, which is a great team imo