Flexible Tournament Days

Tournaments are always active on weekends. I understand that under normal circumstances, it in theory would allow most people to participate. This is because most work and school schedules may allow weekends off. I propose that we change this up, particularly during the shut down. JWA has already done such a great job keeping players engaged during shut down, so I’m hoping they are open to more suggestions.

For me in particular, I work weekends, and I know a lot of other people who do as well. With shelter-in-place active, most “essential” employees will also continue to work weekends, well because their work is essential every day of the week.

With my line of work and with current circumstances of shelter-in-place, things have become extremely difficult and hellish, I find absolutely no time to visit the game on the days I have to work (including off work time because I am so exhausted and have other personal priorities). Considering a large portion of the population is not working at all - and the employees who are working are most likely also working weekends, why not change up the way the tournament operates? Every other tournament could easily take place during the weekdays to allow those players a chance to participate and gain the awesome rewards JWA is offering. Whether that means there is 2 tournaments a week, or a week and a half between tournaments.

Just a suggestion, as I would really love to contribute to my alliance during the testacornibus championship that is currently active. That is my rant, thanks for coming to my TED talk.


I had the same problem before all of this stuff happened (and I lost my job.) I sympathize with your plight, and agree that it would be nice for the game to expand its events like tournaments so people who work weekends can still participate. Your suggestion is made more reasonable by the brevity of the tournament season and the sheer volume of alliance points needed for rewards. Alliances need all hands on deck to raise the reward tier.

Also, stuff is hard for essential workers right now, and being able to keep enjoying games you love outside work is important to maintaining your mental wellbeing. Things may not be “normal,” but the little bits of normal that we find in between keep us going.