Fliers are escaping left and right


Seems like they head right to the fence every time and scoring a direct hit doesnt seem to help and sometimes even makes it worse.

Why is there an “escape fence” anyway, when darting is on a strict timer? Makes no sense at all and seems to only be there to frustrate players. I mean if the fence wasn’t there, would the timer just keep running forever or something?

Can one of the devs please explain the thought process on this? Was the fence the original “timer” in beta before there was an actual timer or something? Then maybe you forgot to remove it after adding a real countdown timer? Honestly, I can think of no valid reason this is even there at all other than spite.

EDIT - This escape problem seems to be exclusive to VIP members, and people are dropping VIP because of this. Maybe its time to remove the fence that shouldnt be there anyway?


Escape mechanic is why i dropped vip. Bad luck or however it works but too many epics escaped before the countdown for me.
If that escape mechanic is dropped I’ll be back on vip same day. Just wasn’t a fan of losing out on the paid +33% more time.


Thus far Ive found the flyers dont move enough. I almost feel like they made them intentionally easy to dart. I just need the epics and Ive got all of them and I only hunted lime 20 mins yesterday


VIP have raptors and large theropods flee commonly, shouldn’t have a fence when there’s already a time limit… redundancy and only serves to irritate people


One of the reasons I dropped VIP.


every single flying reptile ive tried darting has escaped. i dont even try to dart them much because of it. they go straight for the escape.


It’s so annoying. Hitting directs doesn’t seem to matter.


I’ve also had a large number of flyers escape, and I don’t even have VIP


I’m not sure that I agree with removing the escape mechanic completely.

While I’ve had a few pterosaurs come close to escaping (as a non-VIP), the escape mechanic is an incentive to dart with greater accuracy and prevents players from darting obscene amounts of DNA with minimal effort. I agree with @Creative_Screen_name that getting direct hits on Pterosaurs is exceptionally easy compared to creatures that can literally “run” on the map like raptors. Because a flying creature or speedy raptor could escape faster than a trotting Stegosaur, the pervasiveness of the escape mechanic does make sense—even if it does annoys some players.

I’m not against VIPs getting their money’s worth out of their membership…but there need to be in-game checks and balances for everything, including harvesting DNA. But that’s just my take on the matter.


Totally agree; I’m not proposing removing it. Just enlarging it for flyers maybe? It seems like they either don’t go anywhere at all or they dart outta there like a bat out of hell!! :rofl:


The escape mechanic is built in twice… there’s a time limit on drone battery and a wall. A non VIP can dart about 10-11 times… a VIP 12-14 depending on dino. You cannot dart endless amounts of dna regardless of the escape wall because of drone battery. That’s why I say the escape wall is redundant and serves only to anger people. Pretty much all my event fliers have ran and you start farther away from them because they are airborne to begin with (even when directly beneath them) so drone battery is already wasted. It’s a poor feature that doesn’t reward accuracy, it rewards you when your target dino runs or flies in an agreeable way and stays inside the “arena”. This mechanic is largely outside of your control, with minimal course correction coming from perfect hits.

Both of these show the flier running and I have decent battery on at least one


VIP members still have limited battery.
It’s not like they get ridiculous amounts of DNA.
Increased range still equates to more battery drain, the further away you are the less battery you get. I dropped VIP, it really doesn’t give you THAT much of an advantage.


For non VIP they escape too, but at the end not middle od darting, but its frustrating, almost every pterosar escapes so i lose 1-3 shots, not to mention that u cant have maximum baterry on them because they are in the air…


Amen! Mine ran at higher battery. If I would of known he was going to run I would of screenshot it!