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Fliers while in flight

Crazy Idea: What if Ludia were to come up with a way to develop gameplay while airborne? As in, once you were to reach a certain speed in the game, say in the 100’s of MPH, the movement rate in the game would drop to 1/10 of what the current speed you’re going at, giving you the opportunity to dart at whatever your passing, but the only dinos you’d be able to see? Fliers. In many ways, this could prove beneficial in 1) you can fuel your gameplay addiction even when in flight and 2) it could be a smart mechanic to counter spoofers if they’re trying to jump around all over the place. Thoughts? I’m sure this concept would be rather complex to code, but if executed properly would be an AWESOME additional aspect of the game.


Sounds like a cool idea! I’m a frequent flyer, so I think this would be awesome!

Bad idea.
Cute concept, but people would be getting banned fast.
Maybe if you’re on top of a building, you will be in the clouds with the rest of flying dinos. Drop your phone off of the building and get bonus points

I’m not sure about that. It’d have to be noticeably moving along for 100’s of mph steadily, rather than a random immediate relocate