Flight club chest trust points

So I joined flight club the same day it came out and I have been able to do around 10 hard chest since then. But every trust point I got from the chest was for skullcrusher and nothing else. Is it supposed to be this way? Am I supposed to get all the trust points for a second skullcrusher then I’ll get trust points for a different dragon? Or am I just having really bad luck?

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I think it was this way that you gain (only) Skullcrusher-Trustpoints out of fight club chests, but that‘s the only way to gain trustpoints for Skullcrusher so far. According to my information there are no trust events planned for him.

Hello @Drakon,

Skullcrusher is exclusive to the Flight Club and you can only get his Trust Points through the Flight Club Chest. Trust Points for other Dragons such as the Light Fury, Stormfly, Cloudjumper, etc are obtained through the weekly Trust Events. Hope this helps!


Hey there Marcus, I am also a member of the Flight Club and own a Skullcrusher, but out of curiosity if I remain a subscriber what would I receive for next months subscription?

@Marcus - strangely, in the Book of Dragons, it says to open Flight Club chest for trust points for the dragons Legends of Berk and Champions of Berk.
Is this information wrong?


Hey @robin436,

You can find more info about Flight Club in our release notes.


Ah yes! You’re correct. The info displayed is wrong, our team is aware of this and will be fixed on the next update. Glad you asked again!

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Well, then Ludia/you should have made an announcement to this end as soon as you realized it. As it stands, the information is misleading, possibly even be considered to be fraud, as you are enticing people to join the Flight club to get benefits that don‘t exist.

Perhaps the company should spend more time making sure things function/are stated correctly, before they are released. At present, it seems your customers are being used for quality control.


I don’t disagree with you, @Witch. This is our bad, that info should’ve never been displayed and will make sure it’s corrected. Our developers are hard at work fixing all the current bugs/issues in the game. The new update should be ready in the coming weeks. As always, we’ll provide release notes to communicate the latest changes.

Thank you for your feedback!

Please be more detailed in notes. Major change to duties had no note

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I have several questions about the flight club, that was one of them, the information is very misleading.
Also, regarding the 20 spaces you get when you subscribe, what happens when the club expires? you lose the 20 spaces? it doesnt say anything in the rules so Ludia better dont remove that.
One other thing, the skullcrusher you get only in the first month sub right? when you renew you will get nothing except keep opening special duty chests and runes per day.
Lastly, it is clear that if you keep subscribed to the club the level of the statue that gives runes every day wont be reset, but what is the cap for that thing? is it 10?

A keepthe spacesand still earn trust for it

you earn trust even without the flight club? would be great but i highly doubt it

No, the trust points are only available in flight club

Interesting, but what do we receive if we stay subscribed? Will we receive another Skullcrusher?

If you stay subscribed, you’ll get FREE daily Runes (up to 2,000 per month) and access to the Flight Club Duty Chests where you can get Skullcrucher’s Trust Points.

Right! Edited :wink:

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To whoever got the flight club right off the bat can help out here regarding these doubts? Mainly about the 20 extra slots.

The slots stay. Per ludia

thanks :wink: