Flight club chest trust points

I think I have been subscribed for a month. Definitely since the beginning.

You continue earning Skullcrusher after the first month subscription. I have no idea if they will shuffle the dragon trust points available in the flight club chests, but right now you will always earn 5 of his points with a Hard chest. You also receive 90 runes, 40 eggs, 15000 fish, 15000 coins, either a 3 or 4 star sheep of any color, 20 energy points, a handful of random 1 and 2 star scales, and a basic draft token.

I don’t use the Medium or Small chests and can’t help with what the flight club adds to those.

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10 points for a hard chest, not 5 :wink:


4 points for medium. I don’t know about small.

Main problem of this flight chest is the 8hours cd…

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