Flight Club/Duties Chest Glitch

New major glitch from recent release. Any duty that requires a specific color dragon (Astrid Battle Conquest) will not register the completed battle. I even completed all required battles thinking that it just wasn’t showing it on the screen but keeping track in the background, but that still wasn’t the case. I rerolled and got another color requirement duty and my battles still won’t register. Restarted the game and still no luck. Fix please and I cannot complete duties and have only one reroll a day. Since I have to way 8 hours to claim a chest anyway, this glitch is going to further limit my ability to claim chests in any timeframe.


I’m having the same issue … please fix as it is wasting my lightning bolts/energy for battles.


My Astrid’s duty wouldn’t progress even i cleared many missions using every dragon color, also amount of gold and fish can go beyond the limit and keep increasing every after i clear missions with fish and gold as the rewards

I have the same problems in the game.
It’s very annoying.

I am trying to work on Astrid’s “Win 7 battles with a :purple_heart: dragon in any mode.” However, I have done 8 of those battles, and it’s not recording ANY of them. And it’s not just for one quest, I’ve tried 5 Stormfly battles, 4 Skrill battles, and 2 Bonestormer battles, all with a 5-color team using Toothless, and NONE of the recorded as a battle with a purple dragon.

And, I notice it’s not adding to the “Participate in 6 clan alpha battles” duty, either, but now that I (also) tried a re-roll (which incidentally worked for the duty “Use 50 special tiles”), I can’t re-roll again for 24 hrs.

Just in case someone asks: I rerolled an Astrid coin-quest, got the „win X battles with Y-colored dragon“ and it‘s stuck as well.
So reroll doesn‘t fix it.

Since the update, my battle conquest doesn’t seem to be tracking the games won for the red dragons. I can’t bypass it to see if it is just this one.

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Thanks for the report, @TraceyAnn. Our team has been made aware of this and they’ll look into it ASAP.

Still having troubles. Astrid 's duties don’t work at all. I have had to reset every time available. Still no results. In multiple challenges the enemies don’t have bars showing levels of health and such. Can you do anything to help?

I am also having lots of problems