Flight Club not renewing

I paid for flight club then canceled because I was not sure if I would have money. When it became available for purchase before my time was up I purchased it again. Now its saying I will loose my progress and it came out of my account. Help

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I have also encountered this issue, for the same reasons I canceled my subscription then re subscribed a few days ago. The purchase was successful yet my flight club expired and lost all level progress. I cannot contact support as I already have an active inquiry due to another glitch.


You could try this to email them directly.

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Hey, KyriaDrakkina and Sharlaria, please do not hesitate to contact our support team through the email address above. Once our team sees your message, they will try their best to assist you further with this. Make sure to include those screenshots in your email as well. :slight_smile:

@Sharlaria, if you send in a new email to our team, it shouldn’t affect the active ticket/inquiry you already have in their system.

If you cancel your subscription then resubmit it, it might work then. At least it did for me.


I got similar issues. I subscripted to flight club but I lost all my flight club level after the month ended even tho my subscription continued.

I made a ticket but the support could not help me.

Now it looks like the same will happen again. My abo is ongoing and automaticly continued with google play and paypal but I got the notification that I should save my progress, 13 days remaining. When I click on it to subscripe I get the same error message as KyriaDrakkina.

I am very upset about this especially becasue I mostly subscribed for the daily runes which I miss a lot becasue of the reset.