Flight Club Question

So, I’ve been a member of the flight club since around when it first came out for iOS. And I noticed for all 8 dragons whom require trust points, it says you can get them from duty chests, but all I’ve been getting are trust points for a duplicate Skullcrusher, which at this point in my progress, is useless. I’d like to get trust points for other dragons I’m missing like Cloudjumper and Light Fury, too. Why is it ONLY Skullcrusher when it says all the others can be obtained this way?

I’m sorry about that, @DJ_NinjaCollider. The information displayed is not correct. Our team is aware of this, and they’re working on addressing it. At the moment, only Skullcrusher Trust Points are obtainable from the chests.

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Thank you for letting me know. I’m hoping the others can be obtainable this way sometime in the future :slight_smile: