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Did anyone already subscribe for Flight Club?
Would it be possbile to share more details about Duties Chests, rewards etc.?

I’m strongly considering this subscription, but am not decided yet :slight_smile:

BTW, good job with the update, Ludia.

This is all i can provide as to what to expect for rewards. Right before the update i completed the chest. Rip me xD



Very cool :slight_smile: Thank you.
Does it mean that regular chests are replaced by “Flight Club” ones? How about the key amount requirement?

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I’m sure you should still be able to pick which difficulty chest you want to earn keys for. The only difference should be you get extra rewards from them for being subcribed for fight club.

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Are there any new duty quest givers? I think Lightfury datamined some.

Is skullcrusher now obtainable only when you become a member of the flight club,or there will be an event for him ?


I reckon he is now obtainable only through Flight Club… but who knows what the future will bring us :slight_smile:


According to Marcus - Skullcrusher is FC exclusive.

I have a question for @Ned or any other mod - I see the small text that “prices include taxes” and such, but could anyone clarify - who governs these prices? Is it Google? I can’t speak for other games, but… usually nowdays big platforms have currency conversions. For example, when one country terrorises another and ruins its economy, if that country at least wants to target country’s market - it either has to adjust the prices so that people paid the same money they did before the terrorism, or… they lose access to that market.
This adjustment is a standard for… pretty much all of PC. I don’t know about consoles and I do not usually buy things on Google Market, but… Well, the gist of it is that the subscription price is actually 12.5$. So it’s not adjusted, it’s actually inflated. And for reference - 10$ here is like 20$ elsewhere.
I was hoping Fight Club could cost like … 5-6$ with currency adjustment, this could indeed be acceptable, more or less comparable with a subscription I’d get at least in SWTOR MMO, or maybe something like a Battle Pass in Dauntless. But 12.5$ … it’s not really worth it for just one months’ exclusive rewards, and it’s absolutely unsustainable. I think I have paid less for WoW subscription since before the terrorism. And we are talking about a mobile game with a few extra pixel rewards.

So the reason I’m asking - is that if you govern the prices - could you do something about it? Or you don’t want to deal with any kind of VPN users who’d abuse it? Not sure it would be so widespread on mobile. And if Google governs it… then, yeah, that’s hard no, even I get that.

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Skullcrusher is exclusive to Fight Club at the moment. If anything changes, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. :slight_smile:


i’ve just opened the first flight club chest:
(note this was a hard chest)

50% more resources compared to normal
90 runes
1&2 star scales (more than usualy but not exactly sure how many more)
4 star sheep (red)
20 energy
basic draft token
10 trust points for skullcrusher

if anyone else has also opened one, could you please tell me the rewards? this way we can find out what’s common/uncommon to get and if trust points are always 10 or not

thanks in advance!


Just another question: It says skullcrusher Is a instant reward if u subscribe ti Flight club.
So did you get One skullcrusher free (and of so: trained or not?) Or use Just get access to skullcrusher trust points and Need to earn him?

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You get Skullcrusher straight away and be able to train/Lvl Up. To get futher dupes, all i know is you get trust points for Skullcrusher via chests.



By the way in my email disappeared the event scheduled for the green 5star dragon (belf and berch maybe?)

Is that correct? Will the Champions of berk Will be accessibile Only via Flight club or we ll get the free events as before?
Thanks in Advance to anyone answering (suppose mods or developers…)

I believe free events will remain, with here and there a bonus extra content for club members. Including special offers

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I cant purchase the flight club on IOS. a little upset by it. also all my toothless points that i received in the mail disappeared when i restarted my game. can i get some help please?


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Hey Vikings, the Fight Club is not available for iOS users at the moment. Rest assured that our team is looking into this issue and will address it ASAP.

If we are already a Flight Club member, what will we be getting next month, another Skullcrusher or maybe a different dragon?

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Imagine just the chance for the dupe via trust points

If we are already a Flight Club member, what will we receive next month?