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Floating Combat Icons


I recall this being covered in the initial tutorial, but I don’t recall the details: during combat there are color-coded floating icons over the enemies and I believe the color indicated whether they are more vulnerable or less vulnerable to the attacking ally. Can anyone give me a run-down of what each color represents?


Hey Osros, great question!

Blue (Sturdy) > Yellow (Skilled) > Red (Tough) > Purple (Mighty) > and back to Blue

I hope that helps!


Thanks Ned. What does that mean though, during combat? How would the color coding affect which target I choose?


For example, If you have a hero who is Purple (Mighty), it will do more damage to an enemy that is Blue (Sturdy). There is also an arrow on top of an enemy before you choose an attack that indicates the effectiveness of your attack. Green meaning effective, yellow means neutral, and red would mean not as effective.


Ah! Thank you Ned, it was the second part of your answer I was looking for, when I asked about floating (perhaps I should have said ‘bouncing’) icons that indicated the enemy being more or less vulnerable to the attacking ally.
It would have been ideal to be able to reference this in-game, after the tutorial.


At the bottom of the screen during the loading phases, it lists tips and pointers. Both the meaning of the colours (archetypes) and the coloured arrows (more, normal, less damage) are explained there.

Along with things like what the icons on doors means (type of enemy), and more.


So… “If the random number generator happens to display this particular tip during a loading sequence, and as long as the player is quick enough to read it in 1 second, the explanation of game mechanics is ‘technically available’”.
My stance stands that it would be ideal if players could access this and other such information on-demand.


Press the gear icon in the top-right corner and there’s a help link. This info is also listed in there.


I looked there for this information prior to posting. Could not locate the answer then or now.