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Flock Achievement (Strength in Numbers)

Bug Description: “Srrength in Numbers” flock achievement is not counting wins by flock members.

Area is was found in: achievements

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- win in battle with a flock creature. Either defeat a creature with my flock, or win a battle with my flock on the team. (I believe the latter is what should increment the counter.) I have won at least four individual battles with dodos, or compys, or dodostevias and at least 10 overall battles with one of those flocks as a team member.
Step 2 - check the counter after restarting and counter has not incremented.

How often does it happen: the counter has never incremented under the conditions I’ve outlined above.

What type of device are you using: iPad or iPhone interchangeably.

Anything else?

The whole team needs to be flock creatures for this achievement.

Exactly. Not worth the trouble for 25 HC!

If you’re trying to complete the achievement in the arena, then sure, that’s a real pain. However, you can simply select an easy campaign level that you have already completed and just bang it out there. Easy peasy.

In all honesty, I believe most if not all the achievements are not worth the trouble for their pitiful rewards


Exactly. If they are done fine but I don’t even look at those.

I will not waste resources on stupid missions for sure.