Flock are an embarrassement to this game

When flocks are dominating even skill tournaments, we could have imagined what they would do in advantage ones… We got slightly boosted tiny little birds at level 20-23 beating fully boosted chompers level 30 (and also beating Resilient, in case of Tarbog)… Creatures that took many of us not weeks, nor months, but YEARS to level up to 30 and have enough boosts to put after finally maxing our teams… Some might say “Oh but flocks are supposed to be good against fierce and blah blah”… yeah, but nothing should be THIS good! No other type of creature can do that against their opposites when they are so much stronger… You’re basically forcing players who want to be competitive on tourneys to add 3 or 4 flocks to their team (if not more), which is ridiculous for a dinosaur game, honestly…Please, TONE DOWN these flocks! I can’t stress this enough…


they aren’t good for top tier pvp though so they have to have a spot

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I think that’s a matter of time. Preon is pretty good. I still have to see how good Allodrigues is

If your maxed boosted level 30 is getting beaten by something 10 levels lower, id suggest the problem isnt with the dino…


in my opnion flocks should be only cunning and thats it…


Oh sure, I’m probably using a chomper wrong… too many complicated moves to choose from, right? :joy:

There’s no argument against this. No group move means hard time against flocks,… Harder than any other type of creature, as I mentioned… Some cunning like Indo2 can do well but even they take too much damage because of the precise moves


There are 100% not enough creatures with group moves in the game to deal with flocks.


Your entire post just made my point. If your using something for a purpose its not meant for the problem isnt the dino!!

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I have noticed that I can beat teams 2-3 levels higher with a team of 8 flocks unless I run into good counter attack creatures that eat my flocks alive. My flocks are unboosted so I can imagine if I have them boosted so they are more equivalent to 1, 2 or 3 levels higher than what they are now. A well boosted Skoona or Diorajasaur can 3-0 my flock teams quite easily. I play the numbers game. How many teams have these on them? What is the chance they get it picked? What is the chance they put it in first? Even if they get it picked and don’t put it out as their first, I might still get a takedown if they throw it out 2nd. Also now with shield breaking flocks, I’ve a chance of taking out a Skoona or Dioraja for at least one takedown if they do throw them in first.


Skoona beat flocks 1hundo percent of the time


And I answered your point before you had even made it with my “blah blah” comment, lol… It’s on my initial post. No creature should be this good against others, regardless of facing their counters. Strongest Fierce can still beat lower level unboosted Cunning. Cunning can still beat Resilient with enough damage. Resilient can beat Fierce (that’s even more common)… But flocks make all of that unbalanced. It doesn’t matter if you have 3000 base damage and 170 speed. Without group move, Most Cunnings will beat you or at least severely damage you.


Ardentismaxima gem or skoona it’s simple as that even tho flocks KINDA suck like part suck

There are several good counters that I see used often besides Skoona and Diorajasaur. Spinoconstrictor, Troodoboa, Poukandactylus, Indotaurus, Andrewtops.

I have a team of snakes so I have 3 counter attacking snakes, 5 that attack when my opponent swaps. I don’t have much of a problem when I encounter flocks. Majundaboa is a little weak but Spino and Troodo eat flocks alive. Hydra can take care of flocks if I have the instant fabled fangs available within 2 moves. My snakes are a well rounded team despite no shield breaking moves but many have precise attacks that go through evasion so I can even handle the occasional Megalotops.

That’s why I meant to speak about tournaments. it’s the topic of the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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the problem is the outdated dino not the flock


Flocks are a problem ? Sometimes. I don’t really think they are a huge gigantic problem because just yesterday I found out Antarctopelta is a great flock counter, my level 14 took down a level 16 Anuro yesterday

one can’t of course setup a team with 8 flock counters. it could be a not-that-good team for many other scenarios.

but idgt already shown an all-flock team being VERY good.

by the way, back to mortal world, our battles…
for me there’s not much irritating things like facing nitro flock, and i don’t have good flock counter selected… and after deal with that, opponent brings another and another flock, lol.

flocks and that absorb mechanic, a ton of abilities, heal heal and heal, and their 200% chance of dodge.


That’s kind of an horrible argument. You never really have a choice with what matchups you get into and what matchups you don’t get into. I can say tryko is the best dino in the game, if you face a counter then that’s your fault for using it against the wrong dino :man_shrugging:

The original flocks were decently “balanced”. But ever since dodge has come into the equation, flocks have become 10x more annoying. With compies and dodos you can rely on slowly chipping them down with creatures that they counter. You’re taking out 2 flocks usually with most fierce vs compy. With the newer dodge spamming flocks you’re forced to rely on drawing a resilient to stand a chance. Oh you drew ornitho, albert, boa, and rhino? Good luck getting anuro below 2 flocks


Flock mechanics must be altered. Reduce their damage with every member down!

Apart from that, it simply feels totally wrong that a flock of feeble, little birds can take down a gigantic creature like eg a Brachiosaurus.
That’s not even remotely explicable!


And the only one that would have a shot would be tarbo, which as a fierce is supposed to beat it.