Flock are an embarrassement to this game

considering the fact that my ankylodic that is level 30 with 19 boosts loses/ties (depending on crits) to a thylaconyx that is 21 with 13 boosts, this is not always the case. The new dinos are SUPER busted. It’s not just flocks, but they are a big issue too.


“outdated dino”… That’s a funny argument. This max boosted outdated dino could beat everything unboosted at 5 levels lower (as every creature should), except flocks… So yeah, the problem is flocks… Even though the newest toys are all stronger, no other type of critter can do what flocks do

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To be fair, there’s the old Cloak mechanics that can turn the table on a much stronger creature, but at least you have a chance to go through dodge or can counter it with swap ins. But very hard to do that against flocks, since they have “three lives” and most of them have No Escape or On Escape abilities

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If you guys are really having trouble, seriously just level a troodoboa. she literally mops the floor with flocks, it’s so funny to see. They usually never get to heal either :wink:


Another great counter would be Antarctopelta. My lv 14 destroyed a lv 16 Anurognathus flock the other day

Theres alot of counters to flocks now at all rarities. Work towards them :man_shrugging:


And Ankylos lux

The last legendary tournament disagrees with you. We could use a team of flocks only and our chance of winning would be super high because of the lack of counters.

Which btw is the point of the thread people: tournaments! :slightly_smiling_face:
Among Uniques and Apexes there are many counters indeed, but below that, the unbalance is clear.


Really? I placed pretty high and the last thing that was a problem were flocks. Are they strong? Sure. Problematic? Not at all. Theres a plethora of counters for them. Majundaboa, ankydicurus, diplod, pelta, thyla to an extent, can combo dimodactylus on alot of them, stegod, tarkus, ankymoloch, enteloceros, fukuimimus. Plenty of top tier threats in the meta that completely handle flocks on their own and does well vs everything else. So please tell me more how the last tournament disagreed with me. Lol i didnt even include all of the counters either. Just ones quickly off the top of my head


No group moves means you need to be using dinos with armor, heal, and counter. Flocks are very easy to counter if you use the right dinos and pay attention to the move changes on threatened.

Flocks are balanced if not under powered in arena, in tournaments they are a fair bit better, they need more counters in that regard.

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Well ok, here we go. First of all, congratulations, for real. It’s not my intention to insult anyone here. But the tournament indeed disagreed with you because flocks were absolutely everywhere at least from top250 to 1k, wrecking way stronger opponents. It’s as simple as that, regardless of how well you dealt with them or where you finished… People used low level unboosted flocks because they knew they could get at least two hits in, since most creatures didn’t have group move. In fact, if you placed pretty high you probably didn’t see this happening that much, so ironically your rank goes against you there… Now that being said, please tell me, where did I say there is no counters to them or that I can’t handle them? I never said that…

The point of this thread, as I’ve been repeating again and again, is that flocks can beat way WAY stronger dinos as no other type of critter can do, which makes obsolete all the coins and boosts we’ve put on those dinos. Again, some level 24 unboosted flock can beat a fully boosted 30 Fierce… The new Tarbognathus might do the same against some Resilients that don’t have group move… It doesn’t matter if they are supposed to be counters to those dinos, with the difference in levels and boosts this shouldn’t happen. THAT’s the point…

I know it’s not a huge problem or anything (especially considering other more important things that they should fix in the game), but it is something that I found pretty annoying in this last tourney… but well, no legendaries this month, fortunately. So that’s in the past for now…

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Eccept thats entirely wrong. Theres a plethora of creatures that can beat other creatures lacking levels and boosts. Hell ref kills mortem UB vs mortem fully boosted. But just like those flocks can counter (fierces) at a lower lvl. So can their counters. And since most of there counters are relevant anyways and not having to build around flocks. Its quite simple.

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And again, I’m talking about tournaments… It’s in the category of the thread. Mostly Legendary and Epic tournaments. No Apexes and Uniques in the mix. That’s a whole other discussion.

Honestly I agree they all need to be nerfed. They have all the resistances they need, they have the speed, the damage might not be as high but its still enough, they have just everything they need to win and what are the counters to them? DoT which some are resistant to and group attacks which basically no dinos have that are even strong enough to matter. Only butthead long neck seems to have a group attack to take these things on every other dino that has a group attack only does 1 compy of hp in damage anyway so pointless. My fix for them would be to lower there speed to be less then most dinos as it makes sense they are slower, they are the food. Then either give more dinos group attacks that deal at least 2k damage by level 26 or lower flocks hp to be no more then 2k so that dinos with weak counter attacks can also deal with them.

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And again im talking about tournaments. I never onced mentioned arena. Lol

Sorry, I misunderstood your last post since you used Apexes as examples… But it’s still wrong, lol. An unboosted lower level Ref cannot beat a fully boosted Mortem at 30 if Mortem is faster… actually, I think Ref doesn’t even have to be lower level. It will lose to a faster boosted Morty even at 30. As I said, nothing can do what flocks do, because of the “3 lives” system. They will get two hits in, if not more, even if slower.

Here’s an example, a screenshot I took last tourney. That’s around top250, so his/her other creatures were strong, level 30 fully boosted, combined with that joke there…


Look at how much damage it dealt before I could take it down! Yes, Tarbog is Fierce and Rixis is Resilient, yes it’s supposed to be good against it… But do that kind of damage at level 19 unboosted against a fully boosted level 30?? I couldn’t escape, couldn’t stun… could only take 4k damage from this little thing and become an easy prey to the next creature… That’s ridiculous


Thats incorrect. Ref will always beat mortem. Slower or faster. Lol but yes lots of creatures can do what flocks do. Fukuimimus can beat every flock but 1 several levels lower. As can diplod. Maybe if you spent time researching other creatures instead of relying on chompers to get you through youll know that flocks can be beaten by several creatures that are several levels lower.

And its not just creatures that beat flocks that can do it. As stated above ref does indeed beat mortem even if slower.

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You do know that Mortem still does good damage to Ref when buffed even if distracted, right? I’m not saying things out of nowhere here, I have beaten slower Refs with my Mortem more than once.

I just gave you an example that wasn’t with a chomper… I have the feeling you think I’m some kind of noob here… Been playing the game from the start and if you do well on advantage, let me tell you I do pretty well myself on skill tourneys, so I do know my stuff, thank you.