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Flock creature nerfs

I really feel like some flock creatures like compys and dodo are too good at the moment, despite them being creatures that really shouldn’t be useable, mainly just for hybridization. Specially a bird that is known for being stupid. So maybe compy and dodo should be nerfed?

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Nooo. Don’t nerf my team.


Why shouldn’t they be useable ?

You saying dodo should be nerfed because it’s known to be stupid is pretty silly :joy::joy:

Dodo is fine as it is - compy it’s annoying but can be countered but both are not op.


and to be fair, they didn’t have natural predators so they were unafraid of humans who then hunted them to extinction. they weren’t dumb, but were unable to adapt to a new predator as quickly as the predator was able to adapt to hunting them.


Every flock has a counter that has group attacks or DOT


Flocks have essentially been made obsolete. EVERYTHING at the top of the meta counters them.

Testa, Skoona, Scorp3, Mammolania, Spinoconstrictor all completely destroy flocks. Then you have Ceramagnus and MRhino to swap in and 1-shot single flock members.

Who is looking at this and thinking flocks need a nerf? If anything they could use a buff (or at least tone down a few of their counters).


These are good points, I just thought that they can be really annoying (specially in lower arenas) and I was specifically thinking of moves like alert decoy which has a 100% crit chance. I feel like at least removing that 100% critical chance would be good.

the best way is too give more epic and rare creatures viable group attacks, id say give 5 creatures of each of those rarities a group move and itd be more easily dealt with across all rarities and it seems like a fair approach in all types of tournaments


My Thor Destroy them and the pigs have group attack with they do

The reason why flocks deserve a nerf is that they dominate whatever tournament in which they are allowed into.
Dodo, both Compies, their hybrids, are far above the average rare or epic dino.
Also, their presumed weakness, group attacks, is de facto non significant.
Group attacks are rare on non-Unique dinos.
Group attacks never cleanse distraction or remove evasion.
Flocks rely heavily on distraction and evasion.
So, yes, flocks should be goodly nerfed, because they are not aligned to their rarity tier.


So stegosaurids should be unusable because they were pretty dumb as well(it could still defend itself but still)

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There does need to be a slight balance adjustment where flocks are concerned. Either we need a few more creatures with a area affect attack or flocks should lose the healing mechanic (a swap in heal would be fine). That’s my opinion.


More creatures need group attacks
But yeah the healing may be a bit too much on Alert Scurry but the other flock moves are fine

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I won’t allow you to speak ill of my dodo !:rage::rage::rage::joy::rofl:

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Yes it was literally them the biggest of their islands … And “predators”

Notice the counters are pretty much apex type creatures. If you are in a tourney with restrictions compy s are a force to be reckoned with.

I totally agree!

I think more creates should have group attacks.


Group attacks should be more coomon

then it’ll just be a regular rampage and run but with an unnecessary 33.4% health rend

The crit on Alert Decoy is technically a payoff for that 33.4% rend (technically it’s a 22.378% rend but still)