Flock creatures - Attack Vs HP

We all know, Flocks are the game-changers, since v2.7 release. We’re in v2.12 now, and still it poses a major challenge to all other creatures. A normal creature (those without group attacks/DoT) should hit at least 2-3 times to kill flocks as a whole, and a flock can easily kill 2 creature when properly used.

So, should the attack levels of flocks be adjusted based on the count of members which are alive?

For example, below are stats of Level 26 Unique Compy (Compsocaulus). If we divide those stats by 3 (excluding speed, considering all can run with the same speed :stuck_out_tongue:), we will gets the stats like below, per creature.

Stats per creature (/3)
Speed 127 *
Attack 1350 450
HP 3750 1250

Basic attack is Cunning strike which can hit with 1350. Irrespective of how many members alive, it can always hit opponent creature with 1350 (unless it’s not distracted).

If a flock is down to 1 or 2 creatures, my suggestion is that the attacks should also be adjusted accordingly like below. For example, here’s the stats for ‘Cunning Strike’.

Attack Stats (Secure) - When all 3 are alive Stats (When 2 are alive) Stats (When only 1 is alive)
Cunning Strike 1350 900 450

So when the compy is down to 2, it’s basic attack should be 900, and not 1350 as a whole. Similarly, all other attacks should be adjusted as well, based on the alive members.

We already has states like Secure & Threatened (HP at 66.6%), which solely depends on the flock’s HP. It can also rally-heal, when it’s down to 1 creature (that is at HP 33.4%), to restore the HP.

If HP can be increased (via Alert scurry) based on alive creature count, should the logic be applied to the attack as well?

This post is not just for unique compy, but to all other flocks as well as they behave the same.

Am sure, i will get hate from people who are running full/partial flocks team, but others - what’s your thoughts on this?


I assume that if this were done you’d take no issue with existing nerfs being undone such ad that of argy?


No. Dont break a running system.
Flock is no problem in higher arena.
Flocks cause trouble in tourneys because they have no good counters for their quality.

Atryx was broken and got nerfed.
Now Coul and Compy need a small adjustment and they are fine too.

Or buff some old dinos.
Stegodeus could counter Coul quite easy with a small buff.
Pelta could deal with compy after a small dmg buff.

Dont try to change the whole system. Dodo, Sino and her hybrid are fine.
It is not the flock mechanic. It is the rediculus moveset those things got.


This would make most flocks useless after they lose one member


This is exactly what happened with the Resilient change. The whole class was affected just because a small portion of them were standing up too much. Killing the whole flock mechanic just because CompyC and Coel are annoying (not even broken or OP) is totally unnecessary.


This would be a good way to nuke flocks, which I don’t think is necessary. If specific flocks are an issue, then those specific flocks need dealt with for the reason that they are an issue. Flocks as a whole do not need altered.

Why even thinking about it? Is there a single flock creature that is too strong? Most of them are completely irrelevant in the current meta.

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i like it but yes, it’ll break the arena

Did you forget about tournaments? Flock creatures are still a boss when it comes to tournaments

I think this conceptually makes sense, and would have been cool to see IF it had been implemented from the start, and flock creatures were balanced with this trait in mind. Changing it now is not only jarring for players, but the flocks are already (more or less) balanced around how they currently function. So unfortunately it’s another one of those things that it’s simply too late to change for a number of reasons.


Ya, i know it’s too late to implement as it will break the flocks gameplay - but just voiced out my opinion on what it should have been.


Flocks are in a balanced state right now, target creatures like Skoona instead.

Never ever did i read something more true then this.

skill, yes advantage, probs no