Flock healing in raids is bugged

I was trying out a new mortem raid strat using the compsocaulus hybrid the other day and I found what I think might be a bug.

When the flock took damage from the group strike, all compies were hit and therefore all took damage, however when tuora did the group heal only one of them did so. Instead of healing the specified amount through tuora’s damage, it rally healed.

The creature was below a 3rd of its health, and despite using the group move to heal, it only healed 104 HP (It didn’t gain a third of its health back, it just healed back up to a 3rd of it’s health).

It’s understandable if the greater emergency heal only targets one, but in all fairness the “group heal” should heal the ENTIRE group, right?

Ludia please fix this asap

This is the strat I was working with and testing

regular heal doesn’t bring back dead flock members: only their rally heals can


That kinda feels like forgetting to read the small writing in a contract :confused:

I don’t blame you

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In fact here’s the note from the 2.7 patch notes

I guess that answers this post lol