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Flock of Dimophodons

Maybe they could add something like this to the game on purpose. A pack of raptors would be neat also.



one of my top five 80’s bands, btw.


Mine, mine, mine, mine…


The Apato looks confused. Lol


I’ve had a bigger flock near me:


I thought the same thing! :laughing:

The last Dimorphodon picture looks awesome! It’s very artistic. :grinning::art:

Wow! It reminds me of the Pterosaur scene from Jurassic World. Universal Studios advertisement slogan this summer is “It just got real”. I think this might be taking that a bit too far. :wink:

I don’t get glitches like this often. The best one I got was a Tanycolagreus that spawned on top of another Tanycolagreus. I just about died from laughing because it started hopping together in unison. :rofl:

I get glitches like that quite often. All I have to do is not restart the app after the event starts, and I either get flocks, or events that are not at their real location. It kind of advantages me for the latter case, because I can do strike towers at home if I see any on my home supplies, and then restart the app, and get the rest of the strikes or maybe an event drop around my house in case I could not reach them before the restart.

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Guard the martinis!

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