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Flock Secure and Threatend

Hi guys,

i have a question regarding the state of the flock. Maybe it is my english why i dont get it, so please
can someone elaborate the flock states for me?
in the field guide it says
secure = over 1250
threatend = below 1250

in the release note it says:
“if the flock dips to 2 or 1 member…threatend will trigger”

so i my understanding it works like this
3 member = 3750 health = secure
2 or 1 members = 2500 or less health = threatend

why is it different in the field guide
or did i make a mistake somewhere?


Both are correct. The amount of HP that the Field guide says is a Percentage of the max HP. So some of the secure/threatened moves are based upon being over 66% or 33% health, which would be 1 or 2 flock members. 33% of 3750 is 1250 so that move would be be if the flock is down to 1 member.

oh i see now.
the epic version has different values.
should have seen that :man_facepalming:
thank you