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Flock Team Coming Along

It’s going to be a while being the common flocks are only spawning in parks but they do tend to be much more common than the tuskless elephant. This is where I’m at. The next couple days, I’ll get as many Archaeo ~ (pigeons) as I can but I doubt I can get these last two to team level super fast. I still have to figure out which zone the pigeons are in or see how long I have to wait for them to get around to my zone.



Nice team! Hope you find the pigeons base.


The pigeons are in the same zone as the common sloth

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Zone 3 now

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Pigeons are Local 3 All-Day

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And I think there’s a problem with Coel’s spawn position because I’ve seen them also in Local 2 in areas where there are no parks. It’s probably a mistake from the game but perhaps Coelurosauravus might actually be a Local 2 Spawn, or it could also be nesting somewhere

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Hidden parks exist, so that might be it