Flocking dinosaurs

Ludia a question. Why haven’t we had flocking dinosaurs?


Probably because they are a low reward investment.

Theory #1: Due to the “flock” nature, that is a lot of 3D animations and assets running, which could break or strain lower end systems and phones.

Theory #2: Due to the quality of textures, the resolution could be too low to render them out, else they tank performance, or the quality is so bad that people can’t tell what they are/look like.

Theory #3: Due to most flock creatures being scavengers, there isn’t a reason to have them fight (whereas a Herb could fight based off defending themselves), thus they are a very low priority to add over other dinos.

I don’t really see them coming to this game because of those theories.


Theory 4
Designing a new game mechanic for an 8-year-old game is a huge resource investment that will almost certainly not pay for itself


I like your theories. So sad. I think it would be worth it. At least the Compy

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I mean to be fair, Scorpious did shake the game with it’s new animations and model, but I’d just chalk that up to being a key dino in the JW franchise (that could rake in money for Ludia).


As you say, Scorpios rex is much more of a fan-favorite than Compsognathus. Not being a programmer, I would think Scorpios would be an eaiser add than flocking as well


I mean it did take them sum-odd months to add Scorpious after her release in Alive… so that in-of itself shows just how hard new animations can be.


I hope Compies are possible. ( though @OstaposaurusBae has pointed out why so I doubt it )

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  1. All 3 creatures that form a flock in jwa are usually colored differently (except archaopteryx and compy) wich could make it difficult in terms of design during all evolution stages
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I think I might have help LUDIA in a way.
What if they have it where you only have one of the dinosaurs, let say Compy, in an enclosure but when you go battle, all of the attack could show more of them. Like when you do one attack, your Compy claws or bites the opponent but when you do a three attack, there’s three Compy’s that attack.

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Yes, but Compy’s have been in way more movies than Scorpious Rex, so all I’m saying is LUDIA don’t seem like there really following the Jurassic World experience. Instead they follow a stupid kid show on Netflix that don’t even make sense. But I won’t talk about that.

Whats the point of having a flock then?

Still comes down to their size and resolution. With how old this game’s graphics is, the textures have honestly not held up well.

Alive being a totally different engine, they can support higher resolutions.



Even just by looking st the horns, the difference in detail is astronomical. There is no way a Compy (roughly the size of the horn) would be recognizable.

And compys have been background creatures, not a driving character in any of the franchises. The only notable compy scene was from JP2 when Deter died… thats the only impact they had on the franchise as a whole. So moot point.

Plus the same could literally be said for Indo and Indom, who were featured in 1 film.

Tbf JP/JW was built with kids in mind.


There is extensive lore in JW:CC that explains things, like how Scorpious is the first hybrid that Wu made, thus resulting in a failed creation. But by not watching, you wouldn’t know about that :woman_shrugging:

Well, at the end of the day, it’s up to Ludia to invest the devs and resources into flock creatures, so if they can pull off the unreal, then good for them. No matter what, there is a long list of things this game needs before flock creatures like compys.


I see all of what your saying but why are there kids on the islands, why is the technology so high, and where did Scorpious Rex come from in Camp Cretaceous.

Left behind after the island was evac-ed.

What do you mean by this?


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But how come he added cuddle fish to the Indomimus Rex, which of course made it able to camouflage, and tree frog which could change it’s body temperature. I think Indomimus is much more dangerous.

They explain that in the movie, where the cuddle fish genes were added to help her with an accelerated growth rate, and the tree frog to adapt her to a tropical climate.

That was Wu’s successful attempt, but Scorpious was his first attempt where he spliced the wrong genes, resulting in a hybrid that was genetically ugly and unstable.

Also we went off topic…


LUDIA, can you add Compy’s to JW:TG somehow?

I dont think they will add flocking creatures to the game because of two factors. Number one is that flock creatures may ruin the way the battles operate. See, the battles rely on the factor that the opponent has a set amount of attack and block. If we had flock creatures, do you really think it would be fair for opponents with 5000 attack, hyping it up to over 19000 just to be washed away immediatly? I dont think so. The second factor is the financial crisis the game has right now. Back in 2019, they pulled a gag saying they were shutting down. My friend and i both thought it was fake and it turned out it was. I believe because of the limited amount of people, ludia isn’t that bothered. You see how the sometimes reuse animations? Yeah that. Jurassic world alive however has more players active and generally a larger community surronding it. the way the battle works is also clear. Thers group attacks and different health stats. I dont believe that ludia is going to make flock creatures for JW:TG anytime soon.

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They’ll probably give flock animations similar to the creatures in JWA but with one creature in the enclosure.


Yep. If we get flocks they’ll probably don’t have absorb powers