Flocking predicament

So, I have a ton of DNA for dodocevia, colehaast, and sinokotaraptor… they are levels 23, 16, and 20 respectively. Since I’m the kind of player that might reach the library someday, I’m not that worried about developing an endgame team. All that being said, should I take the long road and invest in one or two of these flocks? Thinking sino and coleh… Could probably get each to around levels 24-25. I have about 3 tiers of each boost saved up, too. Just wondering what the masses might think.

sinokota is really good cause it has swap synergy because it has the swap in heal, meaning it should 100% be one of the two you use. IDGT uses it in shores and it works well. As for the other two, its really personal preference. CH is the better of them, but dodoC hits like a freight train

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Thanks. Those are the kind of thoughts I was looking for. I like coleh because of its group attack, too.

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Glad to see I could help :slight_smile:

Be careful for the skoonas tho