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Flocking Question

So you can’t one shot a flock without a group attack no matter how much damage you throw at them as they are pieces of a unit, but like shouldn’t the collective flock attack go down as you pick them off too? Doesn’t really make sense to have the one advantage without the one disadvantage.

Well for Compsocaulus one of its moves does. And that’s how the “Secure” and “Threatened” aspects of attacks work

That’s just the one move, though. Which is neat, but when it comes down to the wire, it should be applied to everything it can do.

makes sense, but do you trust ludia to code it correctly? on top of trying to remember how much damage the game says you do now compared to immediately after taking a hit.

i think its fine the way it is tbh. like as if only the pack leader is actually attacking and the rest of the flock is protecting them until the end.


I see you, but it might be hard to balance. Either it’s a big difference in attack, in which case it would have to go from too strong to too weak in order to be “balanced” (which could honestly be pretty interesting), or the changes have to be extremely minor (in which case you might as well leave the attack at a single value. I can imagine the attack going from 1800 to 1200 to 600, for example. But would that feel good to use? And how would it interact with the alert moves?