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Flocks and other creatures

I just want to say that adding flocks was a terrible idea. Not only because they are OP and have insane moves but because Ludia didn’t think about their impact on the arena in overall. The truth is that only a few very boosted dinos are able to counter them and mostly with a counter attack because Group moves are so scarce in the game. The cunning creatures should not have resistance to deceleration at all, even a partial one. Secondly, other creatures should get more group moves so players could deal with flocks. It’s ridiculously crazy that level lower level flocks can destroy much higher level resilient creatures, especially CompC. This is NOT as it should be in this game.

@Ned Can you report this to Ludia please? This needs to be addressed.


I am not sure if flocks was a bad ideas but I got devastated with a person with a level 17 or 16 boosted compy

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If flocks are nerfed, we will have yet more cunnings which are useless. Flocks are meant to be strong, and at this point it contributes in changing the rock-paper-scissor state of the class system. Strong cunnings are always appreciated, and the flocks have a lot of counters.


Resilient creatures are supposed to beat cunning creatures by definition and cunning creatures should beat fierce. The current class system is good and I don’t see any reason to change it. They can keep flocks as they are but then they need to update other moves so we have MORE group moves in the game.

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Grow your own flocks and Scopius’s as I did. They’ve been giving DNA away left and right on these things. These are the teams I was playing for fun. These even got me up into Avairy.

My Team 20210703
My Team 20210626
My Team 20210702

All I can say is, “Finally! Counters for all those stupid boosted Inominus Rex’s, over speeded Indo’s, extreme damaging Thor’s and others.”

These are game changers and I know how to use them.


Apart from decel resistance, flocks are fine


I don’t mind having strong cunning creatures like Spyx but the problem with CompC is that it has immunity to deceleration AND 3 HP bars while most creatures in the game don’t have moves that would be able to attack all 3 members of each flock. This is too much.

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Cool another nerf flocks thread, Spinoconstrictor is a hard counter to Flocks, they cannot do anything against Spinocons counter. CompC can be stunned then Group attacked by Thor and they die. There are a lot of counters to them, Dio is one of the best, as said Spinocon is probably my favourite counter so far. If you’re not utilizing bleed, counters or group attacks, that’s on you.


Are you suggesting to use Thor (a fierce creature) to counter CompC? You can’t be serious. Plus Group Shattering Rampage has 1 turn delay and CompC will distract it anyway…


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You don’t have a clue to fight them lol. I use CompC and I know Thor can kill compC pretty effectively, if you predict Thor’s Group attack incorrectly and they use instant charge, CompC pretty much gets stunned most of the time, sure you didn’t take the damage from the stun but your entire CompC will be one shotted. You’re also assuming CompC will be faster than the Thor too. I’ve ran into a lot of Nitro Thors in high Aviary/low library, by the time I’ve distracted them, I’ve already lost 1 Compy then my next choice is whether I want to heal or dodge, If I choose heal The Compies are dead anyway, If I choose dodge, I’ll most likely lose 1 Compy then take an Instant Charge and die. And what I’m referencing is with my time with CompC.

Hey there, cainshiro. I can definitely pass on your feedback to our team.