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Flocks are broken

No no, flocks are not OP, but some of the creatures have…issues. Let me give a scenario that happened to me this morning that cost me a match. Smiloceph vs 2 compies. Compies use cunning strike. Smilo uses rampage and run, taking it to 1 member. The move description is 1200 hp OR less. Either 1200, or below. Yet, for some reason, it still pinned me down, and I lost. The same is true with the healing moves with flocks. Like dodocevia’s regen move. I use it after a phorasaura instant rampage. I do not heal anything, even though I have healed at 2 members and 2700 hp. These moves are not following what they say in game, so could you guys get on this ASAPossible.

The flock mechanic applies to the beginning of the turn. So if at the beginning of the turn, the Compy was above the HP threshold, the No Escape would still be in effect. It’s weird. It applies to the other “Alert” and “Secure” moves too. For example, Dodocevia can use its sacrifice move with 2 full HP members at the beginning of a turn, even if the opponent brings it down to one member during that turn. This ends up with Dodocevia going down to 1 HP. So it’s not that they’re necessarily “broken”, it’s just that the mechanics weren’t fully explained to us in terms of when the effects stop taking place turn-wise


I was going off the description. I agree, they need to fully communicate this. However, this is Ludia, and Ludia’s track record also works against them and it could be the start of the turn rule isn’t how it should work, but it should work no matter what. Again, they need to step up their communication skills. @Ned or @E.D or someone could you pass this on, because this should be adressed, whether it be via an announcement to say this is how it works or an announcement saying we will fix this as this isn’t how it should work

there not “Broken” there actually quite weak if you figure it out

answer Nitro thor group shattering rampage

Did you even read the post? Also Thor loses to like all of them in a boosted arena

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sigh just use group attacks and a few re-silents

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You didn’t even read the post. Read it actually

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I agree when it comes to the no escape; it’s bad mechanics as a passive. But everything else, since you get to pick at the start of the turn, it should refer to the state of the turn at the beginning.

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My main point tho is that they should clarify if this is how it should work out not

So I saw this thread and thought it would be like nerf flocks with an unrelenting wrath they are too op for the current meta and I’m happy it wasn’t that. Anyway moderators this issue should really be looked into. I understand flocks are a new addition and we haven’t had much time with them so take your time fixing it.

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And the issue isn’t necessarily that they need “fixing”. It’s just that the mechanics surrounding Flocks and their passives and abilities was not very well explained.