Flocks (Rework)

I’m personally a flock lover, I’m building few of them and using them in both Arena & tournaments, I don’t know your take on flocks whether you think they are too strong or useless. But I have suggestion that could make them more… interesting? well, it is up to you to judge.

Flocks should have extremely low health:

As you know flocks have the ability absorb, which make it impossible for some creatures that has no group attacks to finish them in one bite, what makes it even harsher is that sometimes they struggle to beat a single member & eventually get beaten.

Flocks should have very low health, considering how small they are, their evasive, distracting & cunning abilities should assist them in only resisting against group attacks but each flock member should be weak enough to get beaten with one strong hit.

All flocks should adapt to the Frenzy mechanism:

As we know each flock creature has 3 members, each member should be dealing an individual attack. Means when there are 3 members, there should be 3 hits frenzy style. If they are two members, then it should be 2 hits. if they are 1 member, then only 1 hit.

Flocks should have lower base damage in compensation for the Frenzy mechanism:

Flocks should have reduction to their overall base damage, making them with frenzy slightly better than how they are now, when there is 3 members. slightly worse than they are now when there is 2 members, and much worse then there is only 1 member left.

Flocks should be the faster creatures in the game:

All tiny creatures are blessed with fast reactions & fast movement, considering how tiny they are. And for all what was stated above in adjustments to it, it is clear that they need to have an edge over any other creature to perform well enough & be able to rally efficiently when required.

Flocks should have better Rally Mechanics:

Considering how fragile they should be once they have their Health & Damage debuffed, they should be able to rally faster and when required, making the only counter for that is speed reduction which resilient creatures have (their typical anti).

Let me know what you think of this rework.


No I want my rex several tons and meters high to exceed a compy in speed xD

Most flocks are already pretty fast and have 128 speed. Prenondactylus is also the fastest creature now with 133 speed. The only slow flock is dodo and considering dodos were slow in real life it fits so no need for flocks to be faster

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+100% speed reduction resistance :wink:


I think your reword would annihilate them.
Absorb can be bypassed with Group attacks and DOT which aren’t that uncommon. Resilients can tank and decell and take them out one member at a time.
In my book they are pretty well balanced right now.

My LV26 boosted Coelhaast is able to takedown a LV30 high boosted Ardentimaxima, I wouldn’t call that “Balanced”.

Yes but I’m talking about after these adjustments is implemented, and if they not to be rendered completely useless, they still need to have an edge, Flocks with fierce abilities should have better resistance to speed reduction, flocks with precise abilities should be faster than cunning creatures, and so on

I don’t know if what I say is a good idea but my proposal would be for a flock member death to give like half (or a third) of a kill point so you actually get some sort of reward for killing one

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So can Megalotops take out Mortem.
But I can’t use that as an argument to boost Mortem. Or to nerf Mega.

All dinos can be countered. Flocks aren’t the worst.
They can be countered with group attackers, bleeders, decell tanks, faster flocks…
That’s a lot more options than for example the Apex Croc.
Is anyone already asking to nerf it?


They already have a billion ways to block incoming damage. Absorb, distract, dodge, both in cases, hell even shields. They don’t need 3k+ hp to be usable

Megalot is a cunning though, shouldn’t it be beating mortem? Can’t say the same for coel beating maxima

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