Flyer event - AUTO LOST even though i didn't


I just was in a even with the two level 30 flyrers. the computer did not select before the timer ran out the first time. I re logged in twice thining that might help, it didn;t and did a superiority strike. I stunned him and went for another move. the timer counted all the way down then it said I lost. This is hardly fair. Now it want’s to charge me $200 to try again. Again, The game glitched or something I cannot explain. Please let me know what happened as I really wanted to try this out and now i cannot.


I had that happen to me on the last battle of the Epic Strike Tower. We each had lost 2 dinos each and it was my Alanqa vs the AI’s Alanqa. I had long invincibility active and on the first turn of it the AI sat there until the timer ran out, then attacked. I figured it was because it knew it couldn’t damage me so I was expecting it to happen in the next round. Sure enough the AI just sat there. But this time when the timer hit 40 secs or so I was told I had lost. If I hadn’t been in a public street at the time I would have had some colourful words to say.


Two level 30?! :scream: I need to rethink my strategy for this one


It will be a though one


I’m going to need more than Monomimus :rofl:


2 lvl 30. Alanqa lvl 30 hp 5k++ damage 1k++, ptera lvl 30 hp 3k++ damage 1++. I think i will try haha. I can make it, it’s miracle. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Use auchotator i think it will work smokthly


Suchotator’s bleed move won’t work if the flying creatures swap out


Use with dino who has lockdown impac 1st then bleed him. That what i though. I m lvl 10 and don’t have any legendary.


Ah good point on that! Then you just have to make sure you survive the 3 turns. You also have to keep pinning it down because lockdown strike is only good for one turn. I’m not sure if it will still work to your advantage if you are swapping back and forth like that


This exact same thing happened to me, I was really not happy with that. Really need to fix it


Same. Really threw me off


I lost, :joy::joy:
Forget about that ss, hmm. Second try far from beat that bird. 1st try better can kill ptera and 103 left alanqa hp.


Wow, so you were really close! A job well done nonetheless!


If my gorgo lvl 16 i will beat it. To bad mine juat 15. Better use dino with high hp and higg damage especially who has shatering impac or shatering rampage.


My Gorgo is still 15, this may give me the incentive to level her up


Good luck guys.


Gold incubator 2x 30lvl dino. victory.No rewards.Please help.


I had the same thing just happen in the gold event battle, final round. I had final dino stunned and had priority. Ptero was down to under 500xp & I had a tristego selected to do final hit. Got to about 40 sec in countdown and got a screen saying defeat w only TWO of the circles filled (meaning bot only KO’d 2/3 necessary to beat me … Which isn’t possible to get a win or even accurate. I’d only lost one dino & my tristego was definitely going to KO the bird + had over 1100xp left)

Extremely ticked off. I’d lost first go round at final birds in the arena fair & square, but now this timer glitch used up my second chance when I hecking WON.


What should I do now.