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Flyers DNA hit point


Am i tbe only one that is pist of how annoyingly hard it is to aim at the targets on the wings because it makes it next to impossible to get a dissent amount of DNA out of them


A target on any limb is a bugger to hit, be it on a Dimetrodon’s leg, a T.rex’s tail or indeed a Pterosaur’s wing. If it’s a limb target I don’t bother with direct hits and just aim for the general area hoping the next target is in a better location.


That said their ar times that i usually get 140 DNA but when it switched to the wings 4time in a row and with that the misses well i may only get 29 like it happened with the legendary of today and some of the rare
And unlike the other dinos limbs targets that dont have nearly as much sway as the wings that are all over the place and the escape barrier are smaller or closer to the flyers