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Flying and sea dinos


I checked other ludia games, and it seems that the previous jurrasic world game features flying dinos and other mammals to use against other opponents. Wondering when will they incorporate in the Jurassic world Alive?


rumour has it its next week


For flying reptiles at least (since there are not Dinos) yes they are coming soon!


Really? You got the source for it?


Source above, official Twitter


Oh cool thanks!!! Cant wait


lol no, i dont. but in the discord thats what people are saying. one of the reasons is because the tournament is ending, the other one is that tweet


Yes waiting to see how it will shake up the meta game and what kind of hybrids we will get :slightly_smiling_face:


yeaah same here. since the tweet i’ve stopped upgrading dinos and spending any money. i dont want to spend coins on stegodeus and then seeing it nerf like what happened with the raptors


Really you just stopped upgrading any dinos?like period?


for real. i fight people in the arena with useless lvl 21 vraptors. to upgrade stegodeus to lvl 19 it costs me 25000 or something like that. its a lot of coins that i dont want to waste!