Flying creatures can deflect direct hits with darts

There is something weird with hitboxes of all flying creatures. It’s not a new problem; I’ve seen it for months, but I recently got a recording of it to share. There’s two issues I always see while darting flying creatures.

  1. Sometimes it will deflect what should clearly be a direct hit.

  2. The creature suddenly jolts sideways after a hit, rather than continuing a smooth trajectory.

You can see both of these issues in the recording below.
The first two hits show it jolting sideways after the hit.
Then the third target deflects a direct hit, and then barely credits the second direct hit on it.

This is on the iPhone version of the app.


Looks like the wing deflects it which makes sense to me


Im on samsung 7 and it also happens

looks like the wing is blocking the dart

yeah I don’t think it is a bug it has happened to me multiple times only when the wing blocks it

Whether it’s a bug or not, I’ve had it happen (Samsung a52s).

iPhone user here. It happens to me, as well. It seems like every time i’m darting argentavis perfectly, a dart deflects after hitting the bullseye on its head and shuts that down real quick for me.

So my question if people are saying the wing blocked it, is why didn’t the wing block the first direct hit?

This is a known thing, not even on just flying dinos. Seco’s sail can deflect darts as well. If you do a search, there are quite a few:

Basically, you have to time the release of your dart to when the wing/sail won’t block it.

Even if it isn’t a bug its still extremely annoying and can block you from getting a perfect darting score

yeah because the creature moves suddenly

I know just responded to the issue of it being a bug or not seeing this is categorized as bug reports