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Flying Creatures don't have max time

I wanted to know if anyone else has had this issue, everytime there’s a flying creature around, no matter how close I get, I can’t get max drone time with it. I was thinking maybe the game doesn’t give you max time since it’s flying but it doesn’t make sense because you lose time and potential DNA.

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It’s further away from you relative to ground based dinos because it is flying up in the air. You can’t get closer.

Still doesn’t make sense since that little bit of time can count as more DNA if you actually had full time.

Its meant to be nearer to the drone

If you didn’t know the flying Dino’s position is where they are in thier circle pattern not based off of thier static on the ground circle. If that helps any

I know. I just wanted to know if there was any way to get full time on them but seems like there isn’t.

I’ve found if you stand under the flight path and tap on the flyer while its shadow is right over your location dot, that seems to give full battery time.

I’ll try that next time.

By the term full battery time, do you mean the distance is exactly 30 meters? I tried that so many times but I couldn’t get closer than 47 meters.