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Flying Drone Drops and Wandering Dino's

I’m going to suggest this idea again about having supply drones slowly flying across the sky instead of having stationary drops. Unless Ludia has a super server, these can be controlled by our apps instead of being directly server controlled. This would mean everyone’s screen would show their own drones flying this way and that way and would be different than the person next to you.

Basically drones could spawn on our game horizon and slowly move across the sky. We could either wait for them to get within our circle or go out and move into their path to get a full load.

The advantage to this over stationary drops is you won’t have players out in the boonies as now with zero to one or two drops and others with 6 to 10 around their homes.
The current problem is if a player has no resources or spawns, they are not going to be able to play and won’t and you lose players.

Strikes, event drops and sanctuaries can still stay stationary.

I also would suggest having creatures wander around this way and that way, both invisible and seen.

Why would wandering creatures be better? Because it would keep players attention on the game to watch for them, especially the hidden ones that will pop up when within 50 meters. You can leave the event ones stationary under drops. The rest should wander, walking a little ways and stop for a few minutes and then turn a random direction and walk for a while again. Their walking speed is based on the creatures speed. An Apato would walk one km per hour while veleciraptors would dart around at 32 km per hour.

For players living in the vicinity of a park the chance to see a Pteranodon fly by as they would fly at 27 km per hour would give those a chance at these creatures from a park a quarter mile away or more. Birds would fly a ways in some direction and then either land on the ground or fly in a circle for a minute or two before taking off in another direction.

This suggestion is to bring the map to life and make it so we can either hunt or stalk our prey. Winter is coming and many are not going to be getting out.


I would absolutely love for the dinos that were moved out of range to wander back into my circle.