Flying Indominus?


Did you noticed that on the loading screen of the game, there is a “flying indominus” over the first Pteranodon ?

New hybrid ? Secret dino ?!Indominosse


That’s a Dimorphodon, which is likely to be added to the game at some point.


Maybe i’ll be annoying af, but he has the EXACT same head shape as the indominus : same holes on his face, same skin and eye color. Maybe Dimorphodon is a flying indominus, but according to the representations i saw, it doesn’t looks like that.

But only time will tell if this is a new hybrid or a basic dinosaur.



Definitely a Dimorphodon

and the best hybrid we could have is Metriaphodon, with Metricanthosaure


If you even watched Jurassic World movie, then you should recognize it. It’s normal Dimorphodon.


Yeah mb, so that’s a dimorphodon. Wonder whenit will get into the game.
I watched the movie, but i don’t remember seeing this thing. It was like 2 years ago, after what i never saw this movie back.


That’s some good hybrid we have there. Hope he can make it to JWA.


What game is that?


Jurassic world the game